CNYO at the USOF Convention 26 June - 3 July

CNYO was well represented in southern Pennsylvania during the period 26 June thru 3 July in both competition and organization activities of the annual USOF Convention.

For the 1999 US Relay Championships at Valley Forge Mount Joy on Sunday, 27 June, CNYO was able to field THREE entire four-person teams (there were actually 13 eligible CNYO members present at the event, but one was unable to run that day). All three teams were 8-point teams (as opposed to 4-point teams), point values being assigned as follows: 3 points if age 14 and younger or 60 and older; 2 points age 15-16 or 50-59; 1 point if age 17-20 or 35-49, 0 points if age 21-34, and 2 additional points if female. Teams with more than 4 points were automatically "8-point" teams.

The CNYO teams placed 8th, 11th, and 17th, respectively, out of 36 8-point and 18 4-point teams. Therefore, the three teams finished roughly within the top 25%, 33%, and 50% of their competition. The four legs of the relay were arranged with Orange (3.7km) being the first leg, then Yellow (2.3km), then Brown (4.2km), finally Green (5.7km).

For complete results of this and other events at the Freedom-O Fest in Pennsylvania 6/26 - 7/5, see the Freedom-O Fest results page at or follow the RESULTS link from the USOF home page at

The team members in the order they ran, individual times and team cumulative times are as follows:

Eric Smith          26:31
Barb Dominie        23:58     50:29
Mark Dominie        38:33     89:02
Ross Smith          47:15    136:17
Ann Leonard         24:58
Anne Buraczynski    38:28     63:26
Shawn Leonard       38:19    101:45
Charlie Leonard     53:13    154:58
Ed Stabler          21:51
Barb Sleight        36:28     59:19
Robert Buraczynski  50:30    109:49
Bob Ireland         53:15    163:04
In USOF organization business, CNYO gained two new positions on the Board of Direstors. Congratulations to Robert Buraczynski, CNYO, newly elected Northeast Region Representative to the USOF Board of Directors. Joanne Sankus, NEOC, was reelected Alternate Representative. In the Annual General Meeting on 2 July, Barb Sleight, CNYO, was elected as an At-Large Representative to the Board of Directors. The term of office for these Representatives is three years. In addition, a new USOF President and Secretary were elected (two-year terms): Chuck Ferguson, GAOC and Linda Ferguson, GAOC, respectively. New Representatives and Alternates from two other Regions were announced as well.

Besides the Relay Championships, CNYO members ran in the US Short Course Championships at Iron Hill County Park in Newark DE, a "History-O" at Valley Forge National Historic Park, the (first) US Night-O Championships at Brandywine Creek State Park in DE, a Trail-O at Nottingham County Park in Chester County PA, and two one-day "A" events, one at French Creek State Park near Philadelphia and the other at Rocky Ridge County Park near York, PA. Results of all these events and more are posted.

If anyone wishes to add to the above, especially with news about the US Junior Team activities, please do so!

Barb Sleignt, 5 July 1999


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