Saturday, October 16, 1999
Bob Engstrom-Heg Memorial Score-O

Gilbert Lake State Park, Laurens, NY

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The Bob Engstrom-Heg Memorial event at Gilbert Lake last Saturday (October 16, 1999) is now history, and, IMHO, it was a resounding success in that at least twenty-five folks from the Oneonta area got turned on to orienteering. Participation was 45 for orienteering, several doing more than one course, plus about a half-dozen story tellers. We were blessed with a perfectly gorgeous, sunny fall day. With Eric Smith's help the map was cleaned up somewhat and is quite usable for future beginner and intermediate courses. I would love to see us spend some money there on improving & correcting this map, because wherever the 5/98 tornado and subsequent windstorms have not damaged the forest, it is delightfully open with lots of subtle contour features and evidences of past human habitation.

Mike Olson brought six of his orienteering students from SUNY Binghamton as a "final exam". Dedicated orienteers represented EMPO and CNYO clubs.

There was plenty of good food and drinks for everyone inside Briggs Pavilion, followed by a delightful story-telling time by Dr. Claire Beetlestone and several other folks from Oneonta area. We appreciate their coming out to tell stories, several of which were about Bob, and for Wendy and Peter who stayed to listen. Thanks to everyone for a great day dedicated to Bob Engstrom-Heg -- it would have made him proud.

Verna and I are especially grateful to Gary Brackett for all his help: in streamering control sites during weeks before, hanging a final bunch of them Saturday morning, ably assisting at Registration, Instruction, Starts, Finishes, and Results, and in subsequently retreiving a northern group of control markers. His parents, his wife's parents, his wife, and his daughter were all there for support and participation. Martin Engstrom-Heg ( Bob & Verna's younger son) also helped us retrieve controls Sunday afternoon.

Barb and Verna

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When Verna was writing up an article for the Oneonta Daily Star, we decided to separate the 3-Hour Score-O into Male, Female, and Group divisions, giving only the winning places for these and the other courses for the newspaper. Complete Results are as follows: (Total possible in Score-O was 2565 points among 75 controls.)


3-Hour Score-O Male

1 Mike Olson, Vestal (CNYO/ BING-O)        2185 points
2 Peter Dady, Homer (CNYO)                 1935
3 Marc Lauenstein, Freeville (CNYO)        1890
4 Glen Tryson, Malden Bridge (EMPO)        1780
5 Eric Smith, Freeville (CNYO)             1500
6 Erol Sonmez, Vestal (BING-O)              700
7 Dickson Brackett, Oneonta                 430
8 Melissa Volpi, Chris & Arin, Oneonta      320
   Noel Marcelo, Roslyn Hgts (BING-O)       560 (4 min. over)
   Leif Engstrom, Nashville, TN             525 (4 min. over)
   (no points were deducted for overtime)
   Carl Gibson, Willseyville (BING-O)       HFA
   (lost control description/punch card)

3-Hour Score-O Female

1 Mary Smith, Freeville (CNYO)             1415
2 Corena Martin, Oneonta                    945
3 Kristin Olson, Vestal (CNYO)              885
4 Laura Wasylenki, Oneonta                  825
5 Donna Townsend, Owego (BING-O)            540

3-Hour Score-O Group

1 Ann & Charles Leonard, Freeville (CNYO)  1680
2 Jim Martin & Noelle, Oneonta              195
3 Jason Wolpoff & Michael Willner (BING-O)  155

2-Hour Score-O

1 Janet Tryson, Malden Bridge (EMPO)        645
2 Neil Toombs, Laurens                      570
3 Wendy Alberg, Ithaca (CNYO)               415
4 Susan Mulroy & Steve Hiscox, Oneonta      245

1-Hour Score-O

1 Cory Telarico, Oneonta                    250
2 Ben Leonard, Freeville (CNYO)              40

Yellow Course

1 Johna Pechin, Steven & K.C.,  Oneonta     62:57
2 Martin Engstrom-Heg, Afton &
      Casey Rudd, Albany                    65:30
3 Bruce & Marolyn Kellner, Cooperstown      76:30
4 Barbara LaCorte, Cooperstown &
      Betsy O'Brien, Oneonta                96:40
5 Steve Berman & Margaret Maguire, Oneonta 123:30
   Rob Tryson, Malden Bridge (EMPO)           HFA

White Course

1 Rob Tryson, Malden Bridge (EMPO)          21:20
2 Bruce & Marolyn Kellner, Cooperstown      44:06
3 Bernice Knight & Jackie Cypress, Oneonta  48:30
4 Norma Brackett & Emily, Oneonta           51:15

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