Central New York Orienteering
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Saturday-Sunday, July 7-8, 2007

ROGAINE is an acronym for a Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance. It is a newly developed sport originating in Australia, and even more recently introduced into the US. Basically a hybrid between conventional orienteering and ultra-distance running events, it has been rapidly gaining popularity.

The basic idea of a ROGAINE is very straightforward—teams of two to five people have a fixed time (6, 12, or 24 hours in this event) to visit as many checkpoints as possible, walking, running, or resting as they see fit. The checkpoints (controls) are spread over a large area, and are pre-marked on a map issued shortly before the start of the event. Point values for visiting each control vary (and are specified in advance) depending on such factors as the distance from the start/finish area, elevation, navigational complexity, and the whims of the course setter. The members of the team must stay together throughout the event, for reasons of safety.

Participants in a ROGAINE come from diverse backgrounds: Hikers, Walkers, Cross-Country Runners, Trail Runners, Adventure Racers, Ultra-Runners, Orienteers, and Family groups. Widely varying levels of competitive intensity are found, going from the casual stroller who wants a little variety added to his weekend hike to the serious athlete who is really worrying about her order of finish, is running most of the time, and is looking for ways to shave a few seconds off at every control. Map reading skill is perhaps the most important technique needed—instruction will be available before the race, in the registration area. Route planning strategy is also very important—there won't be time to get to all controls, so the choice of which to try for is crucial in maximizing scores.

Time: All 3 events start at noon on 07/07/2007. Registration desk opens at 9:00 A.M. There is a mandatory briefing session at 10:45 A.M., followed by distribution of the maps at 11:00 A.M.

Organizers: Central New York Orienteering

Base Camp, Start/Finish Area: Potomac Group Camp, a primitive camping area in Finger Lakes National Forest. Drinking water and toilet facilities are available. Free overnight camping available Friday and Saturday nights. Bring tents, sleeping bags, etc.

Provided Equipment: A special-purpose topographic map at a 1:30,000 scale, with a plastic bag, is provided for each participant. This map has been created with a mixture of USGS-provided contours, aerial photography, and field checking on the ground. Same map as used in 1999, but new control locations! One punch card and set of control descriptions is provided for each team. Food available at base camp throughout the event. Water available at base camp and select control points on the course.

Required Equipment for each team: Whistle, Water Bottle, Watch.

Recommended Equipment: Compass, Liquids, Food, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Long Pants, Extra Clothes, Extra Socks and Shoes, Flashlight or Headlamp (for those in the 12 and 24 hour events), First Aid Kit, Small Pack for carrying the above items.

Rules: No vehicular transport is allowed during the race. No GPS systems or altimeters permitted. No aid from others allowed during the race away from the base camp (including drops of food or supplies before the race). It is permissible to return to the base camp area to replenish supplies, eat, drink, etc., at any time during the event. Team members must stay within sight and speaking distance throughout the event, for reasons of safety! Teams must select the race duration before the start—no changes allowed later. If you decide to quit early, you must notify the finish personnel before leaving the area.

Checkpoints: Each checkpoint is marked by an orange and white "control", a triangular prism with sides about a foot square. You use a pin punch hanging beside the flag to mark the appropriate box on your punch card carried with you to prove your visit. You will also be asked to sign a log at each control point, indicating your intended next stop and the current time, to assist in search operations if a rescue should become necessary. The control flags will usually be visible from some distance, not intentionally concealed, but also usually not within view of trails or roads. Reflective markers will aid somewhat in locating control points after dark. There will be about 50 control points distributed over the roughly 150 sq. km covered by the maps.

Scoring: The point value of all control points visited is summed. From this total is subtracted a progressive penalty for late returns. Tie scores will be decided by the order of finishing times.

Award Categories: Primary award categories will be Men, Women, Mixed teams. In categories with suficient participation, this may be expanded to Open, Masters (all over 40), Superveterans (all over 55) or Junior (all 18 or under). Certificates awarded to all competitors.

Terrain and Weather: Rolling hills, mix of grazing land and forest. There are quite a few trails and dirt roads. Area not noted for either ticks or poison ivy, but there may be some of either. The weather at this time of year could be either in the 50's or 90's, so come prepared for either extreme. Which pattern will prevail should be evident on the day of the event, so it should not be necessary to carry both types of clothing along on the run.

Directions: From Ithaca, follow NY 79 west in the direction of Watkins Glen for about 18 miles. When NY 227 joins NY 79 at the base of a steep hill, follow NY 227 right to Reynoldsville. In Reynoldsville, follow the road signs to Finger Lakes National Forest (initially on Weldon Rd, very soon on Potomac Rd). Continue about 2 miles on Potomac Rd., beyond the intersection with Picnic Area Rd, and look for campsite on the right hand side.

ROGAINE XVII Area Map ROGAINE XVII Base Camp Locator Map

Miscellaneous: Ithaca and Watkins Glen are the nearest towns with a significant number of motel accomodations. If you want to enter but don't have a partner, let us know when you register, along with info about your navigation and endurance abilities. We have had good success in past years in helping match up compatible teams. T-shirts available at $15 for pre-registrants (we might have a few available beyond advance bookings).

Registration, Information, Partner matching if necessary: Eric Smith, 275 Main St. Ext., Freeville, NY 13068 — (607) 347-4844 — e-mail ens5@cornell.edu

Preregistration is preferred. Entries postmarked by 06/16/2007 will have an entry fee of $35 per person. Later entries received with 06/30/2007 postmark will have a $10 per person surcharge. After that, or for day-of-race entries, there is an additional $10 (total $55). Payment by check to: Central New York Orienteering. Minors will need a liability waiver signed by a legal guardian. On-site registration by minors will require the presence of a guardian to sign the waiver, if the form has not been filled out in advance. All participants will be required to sign a
release waiver.

Astronomical Data — Source: U.S. Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department
    06/30/2007 09:49 E.D.T. — Full Moon
    07/07/2007 00:14 E.D.T. — Moonrise
    07/07/2007 05:03 E.D.T. — Begin civil twilight
    07/07/2007 05:37 E.D.T. — Sunrise
    07/07/2007 06:45 E.D.T. — Moon transit
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    07/07/2007 12:54 E.D.T. — Last Quarter Moon
    07/07/2007 13:12 E.D.T. — Sun transit
    07/07/2007 13:31 E.D.T. — Moonset
    07/07/2007 20:47 E.D.T. — Sunset
    07/07/2007 21:21 E.D.T. — End civil twilight
    07/08/2007 00:37 E.D.T. — Moonrise (waning crescent moon, 39% illuminated)
    07/08/2007 05:03 E.D.T. — Begin civil twilight
    07/08/2007 05:38 E.D.T. — Sunrise
    07/08/2007 07:35 E.D.T. — Moon transit
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    07/08/2007 13:12 E.D.T. — Sun transit
    07/08/2007 14:47 E.D.T. — Moonset
    07/08/2007 20:46 E.D.T. — Sunset
    07/08/2007 21:21 E.D.T. — End civil twilight
    07/14/2007 08:04 E.D.T. — New Moon