Central New York Orienteering
2008 North American Championships
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Course Stats and Age Classes as of 9/3/08

Some minor "tweaking" may change the length/climbs by race day.

Race No. Course LengthClimb
Sprint Preliminary IYoung (White-Yellow)1.0 km0 m
IIOld (Orange-Brown-Green)1.8 km50 m
IIIStrong (Red-Blue)2.1 km55 m
Sprint Final IYoung (White-Yellow)1.2 km15 m
IIOld (Orange-Brown-Green)2.3 km35 m
IIIStrong (Red-Blue)3.5 km55 m
Middle 1White2.1 km35 m
2Yellow3.0 km 48 m
3Orange3.2 km 75 m
4Brown 3.5 km 78 m
5GreenX (female)3.9 km105 m
6GreenY (male) 4.1 km 98 m
7RedX (female) 5.1 km123 m
8RedY (male) 5.3 km123 m
9Blue 6.2 km160 m
Classic 1White1.8 km45 m
2Yellow2.6 km 50 m
3Orange5.2 km 85 m
4Brown 5.2 km 95 m
5GreenX6.8 km120 m
6GreenY6.8 km110 m
7RedX 8.9 km150 m
8RedY 8.9 km150 m
9Blue 12.8 km230 m

Competitor Categories

Young White
F-10  F-12  M-10  M-12  FW Open     MW Open
F-14        M-14        FY Open     MY Open
Old Orange
F-16        M-16        FO Open     MO Open
F-18  F55+  F60+
F65+  F70+  F75+  F80+  F85+  F90+  FB Open
M65+  M70+  M75+  M80+  M85+  M90+  MB Open
F-20  F35+  F40+  F45+  F50+  FG Open
M-18        M50+  M55+  M60+  MG Open
Strong RedX
F-21+ M-20  MR Open
M35+  M40+  M45+

---------- Awards ----------

Each day's race will be treated separately in the awarding of the North American Championships awards to those eligible individuals in each class (see USOF/COF rules). In addition, overall awards will be given to the top three individuals per class of the three-race weekend using a scoring formula based on time. North American Championships awards for Sprint- and Middle-distance races will be presented after Saturday dinner. Classic-distance North American Championships awards and 3-day total awards will be presented at the end of competition on Sunday.

Check back here for periodic updates and additional information.