Central New York Orienteering
2008 North American Championships
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Maps and Terrain

Friday Sept. 26 — Sprint event at Green Lakes State Park (Fayetteville), a semi-urban and popular park with an excellent mix of forested and open rolling terrain with many trails and man-made cultural features will afford a fast and furious competition. Map is a major upgrade of an older "local" O-map to the present IOF Sprint Standards. Scale is 1:5,000 with a 2.5-meter contour interval. [Park website]

Saturday Sept. 27 — Middle-distance event at the NYS Salmon River Fish Hatchery (Altmar), a little-known section of state forest lands adjacent to and under the jurisdiction of the Hatchery in the Tug Hill Region. Measuring at just under 2 sq. km, we believe that this area has some of the finest and most complex glaciated terrain in the Northeast. The area has such detailed kames and esker features that a special LIDAR flight was needed to be able to create a complete and accurate contour base. The forest is an extremely open mix of deciduous and mature conifer forest with almost no evidence of recent logging activities. This will all add up to an excellent test of speed and navigation. New map with a scale of 1:10,000 and a 2.5-meter contour interval. [Venue website]

Sunday Sept. 28 — Long Classic event at Klondike State Forest (West Amboy). While still very detailed, this map has a more traditional north country feel to the terrain with subtle glaciated contours on larger slopes and hills. Much evidence of old abandoned farmsteads consisting of stone walls and large rockpiles are scattered throughout the mostly deciduous forest. New map using LIDAR and high resolution orthophotos with a scale of 1:10,000 and interval of 2.5 meter. [County map website]

All maps were field checked and drafted by Mark Dominie with assistance from Barb Dominie in the spring of 2008.

---------- Demonstration ----------

All sites to be used for this event are considered off limits for any purposes by any competitors wishing to be eligible for official scoring. Unfortunately there are no nearby mapped areas with many of the same general terrain types of all three sites. The closest similar area is at the site of the 2000 U.S. Classic Championships and 2001 U.S. Short and Long Championships in Winona, about 40 minutes north of Syracuse. Maps with courses from these events can be purchased for $3 each and a short demo course will be posted on this web site and set up in the forest by Friday, September 19, as a "self-serve" example of mapping, course design, and placement the week prior to the Championships. Please specify 1:10,000 or 1:15,000 and/or any specific course desired on entry form when ordering.

---------- Electronic Punching ----------

SportIdent electronic punching will be used on all the competitive courses throughout the event. Competitors must either own an e-card or rent one for $2.00 per day of competition.