Central New York Orienteering
Second Annual Sprint Adventure
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Sprint Adventure
Sunday, December 7, 2008
The Nordic Center at Hope Lake, Virgil

On Sunday, December 7 CNYO will be hosting our version of an "Adventure Race Sprint". This unique event will consist of four separate segments of running, navigation and mountain biking on the popular XC trail network of The Nordic Center south of Cortland, NY.

  1. Competitors will start with a 2km trail run...
  2. then transition to the first navigation test on a closed loop (standard) orienteering course. At this first orienteering segment, competitors have a choice of doing one of two different courses based on their confidence with map reading and navigation skill or experience. Loop A is shorter but with difficult navigation (1.3km with 40m of climb) and Loop B is longer but with simpler navigation (1.8km with 70m of climb). In this terrain type 500 meters is covered by experienced orienteers in 3-5 minutes.
  3. Upon completing the orienteering loop competitors transition to a 3km Mt. bike segment. Running of this section will also be allowed for anyone not proficient on a bike but will be considerably slower.
  4. Upon completing the bike section competitors will do a final navigation test. Commonly known as a "score" format in orienteering circles (Western Mass. Rules) competitors must visit 12 of 14 controls spread throughout the mapped area in any order they choose. The shortest possible combination measures 3.2km but this may not be the optimal 12 based on climb, vegetation density, etc.
  5. A final stage consisting of two sledding runs have been added to this year's event.

Unlike most CNYO local events that allow starts any time in a two- to three-hour window, this event will have a mass start at 12 noon ONLY.

Fee: To cover the cost of awards the fee for this event is slightly higher than regular local CNYO events.
$7 for CNYO (or other USOF club) members
$10 for non club members
Covered by The Nordic Center as an added bonus for any 2009 season pass holder in good standing!

Pre-registration is not required for this event but an email of "probable" intention is urged so an appropriate number of maps will be produced.

Registration will open Sun. morning from 10:00 to 11:30 at the main pavilion at The Nordic Center (known as Hope Lake Rec. area in the summer months). The Nordic Center is the XC area associated with Greek Peak downhill area and is located 1/2 mile up Clute Road just north of the Greek main parking lot.

Timing/scoring of this event will be by SportIdent (electronic punching). Although intended as a race for individuals, small teams of two or more may also participate but all must stay together throughout.

After the race, join us at the grill for some burgers & dogs and good discussions about what "could have been".

Watch this web site for further details and updates and email participation intentions to sochopx@peoplepc.com so we'll have enough maps printed.