Central New York Orienteering
Happy Valley Wildlife
 Management Area (2008)
Saturday-Sunday, June 1-2, 2013
Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area & Camp Zerbe, Williamstown, NY
Special Notice — New for 2013 — The total entries for the 24-hour event is limited to the first 50 official registrants.
For those hardy souls who have been begging for an "Individual ROGAINE" event, CNYO, the little club who does, proudly announces the continuation of yet another event with the endurance navigation theme — the "REGAINE®"!

"What is it?" — In simple terms, a ROGAINE-style Motala. Part ROGAINE, part Mountain Marathon, a hardy bit of navigational and physical skill with much strategizing. The REGAINE concept is quite simple — competitors head into the wilderness SOLO on a ROGAINE-style map and course (i.e. endurance score format) in four separate "segments". At the end of each run stage of a segment, you return to base camp for a mandatory rest stage which allows the organizers to run a battery of tests on the individual's physical and mental state. Repeat this process for the entire 24 hours of the event.

"ROGAINE-Style? What's that?" — ROGAINE is a commonly used acronym that refers to an endurance (usually 24-hour) orienteering score event. That is, in the prescribed amount of time available, competitors navigate to "controls" at specific land features spread around the mapped terrain using only a detailed topographic map, compass, and their wits. These locations have various point values assigned to them and the overall objective is to acquire as many points as possible in the set time limit. In a standard 24-hour ROGAINE event, teammates work together with the navigation, strategic planning, and energy conservation in the forest throughout the event. In the REGAINE, each competitor must work alone while in the forest as they would during a standard orienteering event.

"When will this happen?" — CNYO's ninth-ever, one-of-a-kind event, will be June 1-2, 2013, at the Oswego County Camp Zerbe and Happy Valley WMA in Williamstown, NY, site of past CNYO REGAINES and SNOWGAINES. Packet pickup and late registrations will take place from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, May 31, and from 8:00 am to 11:15 am on Saturday, June 1, at base camp, located at Camp Zerbe along SR 104. All registrations will close at 11:30 am on Saturday with a general meeting of ALL competitors starting shortly after. The event starts at 12 noon.

"Where is Camp Zerbe and Happy Valley?" — Camp Zerbe is located in Oswego County due south of the village of Altmar, NY. From Interstate 81, Exit 34, go east on SR 104 for approximately 8 miles. Camp Zerbe will be on your right. Parking will be in the main lot on the south side of Route 104. Click here for a locator map.

"How will we find our way?" — The map was updated in the winter of 2013 and uses a scale of 1:30,000 with a 2.5-meter contour interval. The 2008 ROGAINE-version of the Happy Valley map used USGS contours. The map for this REGAINE uses standards developed for CNYO "GAINING" events by DMJ Cartographics using specifically flown LIDAR topographic data, high resolution orthophotographs, and some fieldwork. In other words, it will have much more detail than the average USGS map but will not be as elaborate as most standard orienteering maps. Each competitor will receive a map and a map case at 11:45 am on Saturday, 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

"How much will this cost and when are entries due?"New for 2013 — The total entries for the 24-hour event is limited to the first 50 official registrants. Registrations received or postmarked on or before May 25, 2013, (one week before the event) will pay $50 per person. Register after this date, by any means, and the cost goes up to $60 per person. As well, ANY registrations received after Thursday May 30, 2013, may not be guaranteed a pre-marked map. Entries for only a portion of the event can pay a "prorated" fee of $15/segment run, i.e., running only one segment equates to $15, running two segments: $30, etc. Other individuals not competing (i.e. family members or "support" crew), but wishing to take part of the Hash House food during the event may pay $15 each. There will be a $3 surcharge for paying via PayPal.

"What do you get for these amazingly low prices?" — Each registered individual gets a pre-marked map, a map case, a location to pitch a tent, a small token to commemorate the event, punch cards specific for each segment, control descriptions, and of course the typical CNYO elaborate Hash House with gourmet fare of burgers, dogs, pasta, chili, cold & hot drinks, and other assorted high fat/carbo foods. This food will be served throughout the event beginning shortly before the end of Stage 1. If a competitor has very "specific" dietary needs, they may deposit those at the hash house and we'll have our chefs do their best to have it prepared for their arrival, but no guarantees.

"What do we need to bring?" — REQUIRED: compass, whistle, water, watch. RECOMMENDED: Packable foods and liquids, leg covering, insect protection, extra clothes, sensible footwear, flashlight/headlamps, sunscreen, personal first aid supplies, day packs, other prudent gear for safe and comfortable travel in forested and unfamiliar terrain. Sorry, interactive GPS or altimeters are not allowed in orienteering events (data collection only devices are acceptable).
  "What is the terrain like?" — Mostly flat, by southern Central New York standards, the area consists of many large marshes, swamps, and ponds throughout a mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. These water features, and their crossability at the time of event, will be a major route choice factor. For the most part, the woods are very open and offer minimal navigational and movement resistance. Contour detail ranges from simple for large hills to very complex in the numerous glacial till deposit areas. Trail/Truck path coverage in the area is best described as moderate and a fair number of old stonewalls exist throughout. Weather at this time of year can range from mid 40s to upper 90s for daytime highs and a chance of freezing possible at night. Primary insect problems will be from black flies during the day and possibly mosquitoes at night. Ticks are not commonly a problem but may be possible. It also gets very dark at night. Equipment for all of these possibilities should be considered. Plan for the worse and hope for the best.

"What are the specific rules?" — The following are the basic rules specific for this event. These, and most rules of all ROGAINE events, will be enforced during this event. New for this year — the segment "run stage"/"rest stage" time allowances have become more "free form". That is, instead of prescribed 6-hour segments divided into stages with predetermined time breaks, this year we'll have 8 time breaks which, when added together, equal 24 hours. These breaks can be used as the competitor desires during each segment.

All instructions/rules given to competitors by meet officials throughout the event must be followed or the the competitor will be required to leave the competition area immediately!

The event starts at 12:00 noon on Saturday; competitors will receive the maps at 11:45 am.

The overall 24-hour competition is divided into four "Segments" of time. Each Segment of time is split into a Run stage and Rest stage. The division of times allowable for these stages during the event are:
    One, 5-hour stage,
    Two, 4-hour stages,
    Two, 3-hour stages,
    Two, 2-hour stages and,
    One, 1-hour stage.

Throughout the event the competitors have the choice as to which sequence to do the Stages within each Segment and what time divisions will be used for each stage within the segment.

For example, in the first Segment, the individual decides to Run 4 hours then Rest 2 hours. In the second Segment, Run 3 hours then Rest 1 hour. In the third Segment, the competitor is getting tired so he Runs 2 hours then Rests 5 hours. Finally, in the fourth Segment, Rests 3 hours and Runs 4 hours. The person in this example has run a total of 13 hours of the allowable 16 hours maximum for the complete 24-hour event and has taken a "double" rest going into the final segment.)

131415 161718 192021 222324 010203 040506 070809 101112

A competitor may NOT run back-to-back stages at any time during the event. They may rest on back-to-back stages (as in the last Segment of the example above).

Before each Segment begins, the competitor must declare Stage sequence (run-rest vs. rest-run) and the time divisions he or she will use for each stage. This declaration can not be changed once the Segment is underway.

Competitors returning late (overtime) from a running stage will incur the following penalties:
    If the competitor is overtime on Segments 1 through 3, he or she will have the start time of their next run stage delayed by three times the overtime amount.
    If they are overtime on Segment 4, then their overall score will be decreased by the number of points of the largest value control that he or she visited for each minute overtime. For example, if he or she visited a 50-point control and no other control with a higher point value, then their penalty would be 50 points per minute overtime.

Participants must complete this event under their own foot power; they may not use motorized vehicles, bicycles, accepted rides, etc., at any time. No aid from others is allowed while a competitor is in the terrain, including but not limited to drops of extra food and supplies in the competition area as well as ANY navigational assistance. Deliberate following or working with another competitor is NOT allowed.

Highest point total at the end of the event wins. Ties will be broken using the "first in-first win" method.

"How do I enter?" — Here are copies of the "Standard Gaining Entry Form" in doc format and in pdf format. Complete the entry form and send to the Registrar along with your check made payable in U.S. funds to "CNYO" OR e-mail your completed entry form to the Registrar and pay via PayPal through our website. There will be a $3 surcharge for paying via PayPal. An entry is not considered complete or official until payment is received.

CNYO accepts payments using PayPal.
Standard Entry
(before 05/26/2013)
$50 plus $3 surcharge

One Segment Only
$15 plus $3 surcharge

Two Segments Only
$30 plus $3 surcharge

Three Segments Only
$45 plus $3 surcharge
Late Entry
(after 05/25/2013)
$60 plus $3 surcharge

Food Service Only
$15 plus $3 surcharge

If you have further questions, please contact the registrar at sochopx @ aol.com.

CNYO   CNYO accepts payments using PayPal. 
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