Central New York Orienteering
Saturday-Sunday, March 2-3, 2013
Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area & Camp Zerbe, Williamstown, NY
SNOW CONDITIONS as of 02/23/2013 — The past week has seen another semi-major Lake Effect blast drop of another 12"-14" of snow on the competition site, leaving a soft layer from recent accumulations of around 18" on a solid base of settled snows of an additional 18"-24". In other words, there's more than enough to play with. Forecasts for the upcoming week have a few daytime highs reaching the high 30s with a couple days of possibly hitting 40 and lows at night dropping into the 20s. This will continue the "spring-like" thaw-freeze cycle settling of the snow pack which started the previous week. Some type of front is expected for mid-week that could drop a few more inches of snow, depending on temps. If you are using the internet to check local weather reports for the upcoming week use the Village of Parish or Altmar as the base zone. — Mark Dominie

SNOW CONDITIONS as of 02/17/2013 20:47 EST — The past week has seen some very minor flurries add another 1-2", but a few sunny days with temperatures in the mid- to upper-30s during the day and the teens at night have started the springlike consolidation of the snowpack into the ideal late-season backcountry skiing conditions that makes bushwhacking fun. There exists a soft layer (about to the top of ski boots) on an ever increasing solidifying base. Skiing on packed trails was ideal (could even skate some with ultralight no wax) and was very pleasant bushwhacking (not a lot of heavy trail busting). Snowshoes seemed to use more labor (for me) than skis, but I've always been partial to skinny planks. We'll try to add another update next week if there is any real change. — Mark Dominie

SNOW CONDITIONS as of 02/14/2013 14:50 EST — Even though the winter has been somewhat volatile, with many wide swings of precipitation and temperatures, the overall snowpack has been generally skiable since the last week of December. For those individuals who like to have a knowledge of the snow conditions leading up to the present for "planning" purposes, the following is a synopsis of the "winter history" of substantial snow events (over 6"), rain, and temperature changes covering the competition area:
  • Relatively warm fall temperatures had been leading up to a cold snap just prior to Christmas and mostly seasonal temperatures thereafter.
  • End of December: the first major accumulation of LE (Lake Effect = very narrow local snows)
  • Early January: the first major multi-day "thaw" with heavy rains
  • Third week of January: a multi-day, sub-zero cold snap
  • Fourth week of January: another fairly substantial LE event
  • End of January: a second "thaw" of the season with heavy rains
  • First week of February: a combined LE event merging into a more area wide regional winter storm (Nemo)

By February 10, this has resulted in a snowpack in the forest of the competition area that ranges from 20" to 30" (depending on the "drainage" zone) which includes about 12"+ of soft fresh snow from the most-recent snow events. With this much accumulation, some form of winter equipment will be needed for easy movement through the forest. Most truck trails that crisscross the area have been packed wide by snowmobile groomers but almost all small/narrow trails remain unpacked. In the forest, all but the highest fallen trees and all stonewalls, etc., are easily crossed. Even though there have been at least two major rainstorms (with associated winter flooding and melt-off), enough consecutive cold days and nights allow for crossing most ponds, swamps, and marshes as long as some form of weight distribution equipment, i.e. skis or snowshoes, is used. There remains open water on wider, fast flowing streams. In the remaining weeks leading up to the event, any competitor interested in searching for a location with comparable conditions (the actual competition area is out-of-bounds to competitors) has the nearest area with similar terrain being north of Happy Valley at the popular Winona Recreation Area (just east of Sandy Creek).

In a nutshell, the snowpack and freeze conditions of the competition area (as of February 10) are best described as "Very Good". We shall post further updates when/if conditions substantially change. — Mark Dominie
OVERVIEW — The 17th edition of the CNYO Annual SNOWGAINE is again a ROGAINE-style event designed around winter conditions. Spread over two, 8-hour days, teams of two or more individuals visit a series of controls of varying point values by foot, skis, sled, snowshoes, etc. The start on Day 1 is at 8:30 AM SHARP and on Day 2 at 8:00 AM with a finish by 4:30 PM on Day 1 and 4:00 PM on Day 2 or teams will incur significant time and point penalties. Warm refreshments will be provided at Home Base at the end of each day's competition.

WHERE — Home Base is Oswego County's Camp Zerbe, which is approximately eight miles east of Exit 34, off Interstate Route 81 along SR 104. Parking will be in the main lot on the south side of Route 104. Depending on snow amounts leading up to the event, parking could be very limited, so carpooling when possible is suggested.

MAP — The map is a full-color with course pre-printed, 1:30,000 ROGAINE-style map (similar to other recent CNYO ROGAINE events) which encompasses of approximately 100 sq. km of the Happy Valley Wildlife Management Area and Oswego County forests. This map includes a portion of the regular IOF-standard Orienteering maps used for the 2011 US Classic Orienteering Championships, with minor details eliminated. Contour interval is 2.5 meters generated from specifically flown, and highly accurate, LIDAR data with additional details derived from aerial photos from 2011 and some actual field surveys. An attempt will be made to depict the most recent trail grooming status on the map at the time of event using standard Ski O green overprints. Anticipate as much as 50%+ of the trails to be ungroomed depending on prior/recent snowfalls. The 2008 ROGAINE-version of the Happy Valley map uses USGS contours. The map for this SNOWGAINE uses LIDAR-based contours and more complete field surveys.
  TERRAIN — Mostly flat, by southern Central New York standards, the area consists of many large marshes, swamps, and ponds throughout a mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. These water features (and their crossability at the time of event) will be a major route choice factor. For the most part, the woods are very open and offer minimal navigational and movement resistance. Contour detail ranges from simple for large hills to very complex in the numerous glacial till deposit areas. Trail/truck path coverage in the area is best described as moderate and a fair number of old stonewalls exist throughout.

  • All teams must be made up of two or more individuals.
  • Members of each team must remain together (within regular conversation distance) at all times for safety.
  • Teams must return to Home Base on Day 1 by 4:30 PM or will be penalized with a delayed restart on Day 2 of three times the amount overtime (i.e. 5:00 PM return on Saturday equates to a 9:30 AM restart Sunday).
  • Any team returning to Home Base later than 5:59 PM on Day 1 will be disqualified from remainder of event.
  • Teams must finish Day 2 by 4:00 PM or suffer point loss penalties. Penalty starts with 1 point for the first minute overtime and doubling at each minute thereafter, i.e. 6 min OT = -32 pt, 7 min OT = -64 pt, etc.
  • Total points for this event is 1,607 using 37 controls.
  • Anything later than 11 minutes OT on day 2 will result in negative point total (for scoring the year-end Trifecta results of CNYO 'Gaining events).
  • Teams can use ANY mode of non-motorized personal winter transportation they deem suitable BUT this equipment MUST stay with competitors at all times while in the forest. Returning to Home Base during the competition to swap equipment is permissible.
  • Teams must carry appropriate nourishment and liquids to compete in a cold weather endurance event. Home Base at Camp Zerbe is the only aid station.
  • Meet officials reserve the right to cancel or shorten the duration of this event AT ANY TIME due to extreme weather conditions.

NOTICE — Hypothermia and frostbite are two real dangers possibly facing competitors for this type of event. Organizers reserve the right to terminate a competitor's participation if he/she appears to be suffering from exposure to the cold with either hypothermia or frostbite. It is required that competitors bring any food and liquids with them that they might need during this long-distance event.

FEES — Pre-entry will be $45.00 per person. On the day of the event, the cost goes up to $60.00 per person. You must pre-register by February 25, 2013, to ensure a pre-marked map. No entries will be accepted after 8:00 AM on Saturday, March 2, 2013. Make checks payable in U.S. funds to "CNYO".

SIGN-IN — On Friday, March 1, 2013, from 6:00 to 10:00 PM at the Parish Motel, Room 1, just off Exit 33 of I-81. Go left onto Route 69 approximately 0.7 mile. The motel will be on your right. On Saturday, March 2, 2013, from 7:00 to 8:00 AM, at Camp Zerbe.

CATEGORIES — Teams will be classified as MEN, WOMEN, VETERAN, or COED.

REGISTRATION — Send fee and the completed form below, one for EACH member of your team, to: Barbara Dominie, 3378 Pine Hill Road, Marathon, NY 13803-2315.

ACCOMMODATIONS — Check the following websites and book early as steelhead fishermen and snowmobilers will be looking for places to stay. In the event you cannot find local accommodations please contact the registrar.
FORMS — Here are copies of the "Standard Gaining Entry Form" in doc format and in pdf format. Complete the entry form and send to the Registrar along with your check made payable in U.S. funds to "CNYO" or e-mail your completed entry form to the Registrar and pay via PayPal through our website. There will be a $3 surcharge for paying via PayPal. An entry is not considered complete until payment is received.

CNYO accepts payments using PayPal.
Standard Entry
$45 plus $3 surcharge

If you have further questions, please contact the registrar at sochopx @ aol.com.

Team Vignette
     John Beard & Marcy Beard
Milton Basement Racers
     Tim Grant, Audrey Kelly, & Andrew Reeder
     Russell Nordquist & Val Nordquist
     Jason Brown, Brent Freedland, & Abigail Perkiss
Running Free
     Harper Forbes, James Galipeau, John Ranson, & Denise Rispolie
Turtle and the Safari Sister
     Richard Madden & Tayler Madden
     Dina Diskina & Dmitry Lavrov
     Shannon Carpenter & Bob Miller

Topo Girlz
     Stina Bridgeman & Angela Schnuerch
Swish Swish Thump
     Celine Bourdon & Barbara Ewelina Goss
aka Team Chance
     Jeremy Colgan & Mark Walsh
Untamed Torpedo
     Earl LaVallee & Chetan Mishra
     Dan Brannen & Olof Hedberg
Black Ducks
     Anthony DiStefano & Paul Greenberg
Attack From Above
     Paul Heuts & Chris Laughren

Tree Huggers
     Barb Campbell & Richard Ehrlich
TBD (To Be Determined)
     Frank Boscoe & Gary Maslanka
     David Hunter & Pavel Korniliev
Glacial Speed
     Eric Smith & Mary Smith
Bulls on Parade
     Joe Brautigam & Jeffrey Woods
Tortoise & Hare
     Ann Leonard & Charles Leonard
     Vladimir Nikitin & Yuly Wasserman

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