Central New York Orienteering
Ski O — February 15, 2014
Lime Hollow Center for Environment and Culture, Cortland, NY

We had excellent snow cover on Saturday, with several inches of fresh snow arriving overnight on top of a base that has been around for more than two weeks and two or three drops of several inches at a time in the week before the event. With the relatively large amount of snow just before the event, and the tracking provided by users rather than by grooming equipment in this classic skiing area, there was probably a bit more advantage to later starters relative to the first ones out on some legs of the course where parts of optimal distance routes hadn't seen much prior recreational traffic. The day was warm and sunny (just a few degrees below freezing), and everybody seemed to enjoy their courses.

We had two recreational groups, one each on the short and medium courses, and one individual skier on the long course who had never tried ski orienteering before. All these newcomers to the sport seemed to catch on pretty quickly to the navigation part of things during the course of the event, though perhaps having some early difficulties in getting the feel of the map. Enthusiasm generally seemed high!

  And the group of more-experienced Ski O people seemed to get around the course with few problems, and seemed to quite enjoy the area.

The Lime Hollow staff were uniformly very helpful and pleasant to work with, and allowed us to stay in the warm building for a while after the normal closing hours as the last couple of finishers were getting back in, since they were getting set up for an evening program. The help at the event by Mary Smith and John Boland made things run very smoothly. A very enjoyable day! — Eric Smith

Place Short Course — 3.0 km (straight line) — 8 Controls Club     Total
1Rachael Labitt and Avner Finberg   1:41:09

Place Middle Course — 6.5 km (straight line) — 14 Controls Club     Total
1Nick GretzingerCNYO  1:32:00
 Darney Osepa and Natalie Forman (found 4 controls)   3:05:04

Place Long Course — 9.5 km (straight line) — 22 Controls Club Middle Course Short Course Total
1Pavel KornilievROC1:09:300:29:341:39:04
2Stina BridgemanROC1:25:000:33:491:58:49
3Jim PamperROC1:31:090:36:212:07:30
4Cindy GretzingerCNYO1:31:300:38:212:09:51
5Gary MaslankaROC1:37:000:34:322:11:32
6Ernie BaylesCNSC1:50:400:36:222:27:02

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