Central New York Orienteering
Saturday-Sunday, March 5-6, 2016
Charles E. Baker State Forest (Brookfield Horse Trails), Hubbardsville, NY
OVERVIEW — A ROGAINE style event for winter hosted by CNYO, spread over two, 8-hour days. You and your partner(s) visit a series of controls of varying point values by foot, skis, sled, snowshoes.... etc. Start day one is at 8:30 and day two at 8:00 am and you must finish by 4:30 pm on day 1 and 4:00 pm on day 2 or suffer the penalties. An attempt will be made to depict the most recent trail grooming status on the map at the time of event. Anticipate as much as 50% of the trails to be ungroomed (will depend on prior snowfalls). Warm refreshments will be provided at Home Base at the end of each day's competition.

WHERE — Home Base is The Guest House @ Endless Trails Farm, 8856 Larkin Road in Hubbardsville, NY. Larkin Rd. heads east from SR 12 from the small hamlet of East Hamilton, approx. 9 1/2 miles north of Sherburne and 10 miles south of US 20. Endless Trails is 2 1/2 miles east of SR 12.

MAP — Charles E. Baker State Forest (Brookfield Horse Trails), a 1:30,000 ROGAINE map. Maps will be distributed to all teams at the start of the event.

FEES — Pre-entry will be $55.00 per person. On the day of the event, the cost goes up to $65.00 per person. You must pre-register by February 26th to ensure a pre-marked map. No entries accepted after 8:00 am Saturday, March 5th.

  • All teams must be made up of two or more individuals.
  • Members of each team must remain together at all times for safety.
  • Teams must return to Home Base on Day 1 by 4:30 PM or will be penalized with a delayed restart on Day 2 of three times the amount overtime (i.e. A 5:00 PM return on Saturday equates to a 9:30 AM restart on Sunday.).
  • Teams must finish Day 2 by 4:00 PM or suffer "significant" point-loss penalties.
  • Any team returning to Home Base on either day later than 5:59 PM will be disqualified.
  • Teams can use ANY mode of non-motorized personal winter transportation they deem suitable (sorry, mountain bikes are not allowed during winter months on the Brookfield Horse trail network).
  • Teams must carry appropriate nourishment and liquids to compete in a cold-weather endurance event.
  • Meet officials reserve the right to cancel or shorten the duration of this event AT ANY TIME due to extreme weather conditions.

Notice — Hypothermia and frostbite are two real dangers possibly facing competitors. Organizers reserve the right to terminate a competitor's participation if he/she appears to be suffering from exposure to the cold with either hypothermia or frostbite. It is required that competitors bring any food and liquids with them that they might need during this long-distance event.
  ACCOMMODATIONS — CNYO has rented the entire Guest House at Endless Trails Farm (Base Camp) for the weekend. There are 5 rooms available at the Guest House for a cost of $180 per room for the entire weekend. This fee includes the room for Friday and Saturday nights and use of the house facilities. You can check in anytime on Friday. Meals are not included in the room rental.
The available rooms are as follows:
  • The Red room: a queen bed and a private bath. TAKEN
  • The Green room: 2 twin beds and a private bath. TAKEN
  • The Yellow room: a queen bed and a private bath. TAKEN
  • The Blue room: a queen bed. *
    The Beige room: 2 twin beds. * TAKEN
    * - (note: The Blue and Beige rooms are like a suite and share a bath.)
You must rent the room for BOTH nights and can have no more than 2 people per room. To reserve your room, please email or call the Registrar at sochopx@aol.com or 607-849-3101.

CATEGORIES — Teams will be classified as MEN, WOMEN, MASTER, COED or JUNIOR.

REGISTRATION — Send fee and the completed form below, one for EACH member of your team, to: Barbara Dominie, 3378 Pine Hill Road, Marathon, NY 13803-2315. Entry form and payment via PayPal is available below.

Standard Gaining Entry Form in doc format or pdf format

Complete the entry form and send to the Registrar along with your check made payable in U.S. funds to "CNYO" or e-mail your completed entry form to the Registrar and pay via PayPal below. There will be a $3 surcharge for paying via PayPal. An entry is not considered complete until payment is received.

CNYO accepts payments using PayPal.
Standard Entry for One
$55 plus $3 surcharge

Standard Entry for Two
$110 plus $3 surcharge

Standard Entry for Three
$165 plus $3 surcharge

Standard Entry for Four
$220 plus $3 surcharge

If you have further questions, please contact the registrar at sochopx @ aol.com.

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