2017 Daddy O
resultscreated by Ór


Sprint A Sprint B The Long Course
Sprint A
1Anders RydM-Open 21:07
2Gary MM-Open 27:44
3Steve BieleckiM-Open 35:49
4Thomas Smith GroupGroup 41:55
5mcvickersGroup 73:37
6Ithaca Hiking Group -StacyGroup 74:16
7Brian Leonard GroupGroup 91:18
Sprint B
1Wandering Rocks 2Group 28:56
2Gary MM-Open 31:30
3John BM-OpenCNYO39:34
4Y Jin S Zhang TeamGroup 43:40
5Hannah CollinsworthW-OpenROC52:18
6Jim & Patty BordenGroupROC75:33
The Long Course
1Chad BordenM-Open 54:57
2Gary MaslankaM-Open 60:13
3Wanderin RocksGroupROC60:14
4Tyler BordenM-OpenROC61:46
5Anders Ryd GroupGroup 63:42
6Don Winslow M-OpenROC69:23
7Nick GretzingerM-Open 69:38
8Eugene VorsinM-OpenCNYO71:27
9Nathan CollinsworthM-Open 77:40
10Cindy GretzingerW-Open 86:37
11Bob BundyM-OpenROC107:49
12Mike CostelloM-Open 123:08
michael Zellwiger JrM-Open DNF
eugene v 2M-Open DNF
Zhang JinGroup DNF