Central New York Orienteering
2021 6-Hour Rogaine
CNYO's 30th Annual Rogaine
Saturday, July 10, 2021
Fire Tower Camping Area, Sugar Hill State Forest

Post-event info:

  • Results note to participants
  • Table 1 summarizing the scores, times, and places of all the 21 teams (11 two-person teams, 10 individuals, 32 people all told), showing both overall placing and placing within competition categories
  • Table 2 shows which controls each team visited, but lists teams in order of start time rather than ordered by score
  • Map (5MB)

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This year's CNYO Summer Rogaine will only have a 6-hour version, rather than our usual 6/12/24 hour format, because of the complications from the Covid-19 pandemic that is still not quite over. There will be a few changes in our normal procedures to accommodate the needs for less personal contact even at outdoors events.

  • First, we are not planning to provide any food service at the hash house.
  • The plus side of this is that the entry fee will be substantially reduced from normal years, at $20/person.
  • We are also going to be using a rather smaller area than we have used for 24-hour events, so the map will be cheaper to print, and this contributes to the lower entry fee. The density of controls will be somewhat higher than we have usually put out, with about 40 controls to try for.
  • We will be allowing either solo entries or teams of 2 to 5 people.
  • Rather than having a mass start at noon, we will be having staggered entry times. Maps will become available any time after 9 am. Teams can start at any time after that (but not within 2 minutes of another team) and must be back 6 hours after their start, or by 6 pm at the latest, to avoid penalties.
  • We will be using pin-punches for scoring this year, rather than SI-cards.
  • We expect people to wear face masks at the start/finish area when they arrive to sign in and pick up their maps, when they are near other people, and when they come back to the registration area to get their start time and go out on the course. They should have masks with them on the course to put on if they come near other people, and to put on when they arrive at the finish. Course planning before starting out may be done near your car, or at open places in the start vicinity, and mask wearing will not be required then if you are not near (6 feet) anyone else besides your own team.
  • We will not be conducting any awards ceremony, but we will try to have some sort ofpreliminary display of scoring available at the finish as we check the punch cards, and the results should get e-mailed out to participants within a few hours of the finish, and appear on our web site somewhat thereafter.

The map will be at a scale of 1:30,000 with 5 meter contours.

There will be water put out at one or two locations on the map besides the start and finish area.

There is a limited amount of camping available at the Fire Tower camping area (there are 28 individually campsites marked now, rather than the former general access camping, and it is necessary to reserve those in advance through the DEC). Aside from the normal campsites, it is of course permitted to camp anywhere in the state forest as long as you are further than 50 yards from a road, trail, or water (with the exception of the designated campground).

More details will follow soon.