Central New York Orienteering
2021 6-Hour Rogaine
Results Note for Participants
Saturday, July 10, 2021
Fire Tower Camping Area, Sugar Hill State Forest

I hope you all enjoyed the woods and the weather at the Sugar Hill Rogaine on Saturday! I am sending out two pdf files with the results from the event. One is a table summarizing the scores, times, and places of all the 21 teams (11 two-person teams, 10 individuals, 32 people all told), showing both overall placing and placing within competition categories. The other sheet shows which controls each team visited, but lists teams in order of start time rather than ordered by score. All but one of the 40 control points was visited by at least one team during the event.

Clearly the controls were spread out over a larger area than could be covered in 6 hours, as I was already beginning to expect by the time they were all out in the woods, but it did make the advance planning an important part of the race. There were some very fine performances in addition to the very impressive 24 controls and 1210 points collected by Sam Kolins. Notable were Dmitry Lavrov and Greg Balter showing that they are still very fit as Superveterans, and Stina Bridgeman as first female and third overall in the competition, but there were many teams within one or two controls of each other in the middle of the field. At least two teams, the Fat Cats and the Control Freaks, mentioned that this was their first try at a rogaine event, and at least one of those teams had never tried any form of orienteering before, but they seem to display a remarkable level of map reading and fitness for beginners at the sport—expect to see them improving quickly with even a little more experience! Walt and Patty Lyons were mentioning that 16 years ago they had their first try at a rogaine here at Sugar Hill on an earlier version of the same map, and said they thought they had gotten more controls this year in 6 hours than they had found in 24 hours on that earlier experience!

I would like to mention my appreciation of help from Shawn Forney for having set up the registration page on EventReg for the event (our club has limited experience with this registration system) in addition to spending the day of the race helping keep things under control in the start/finish area, Barb Dominie for having handled the registration for the race, Stacy Pendell for getting our information up on the CNYO website, Mary Smith, in addition to much pre-event preparation, for having come out early on Saturday to help get the start/finish and refreshments get set up and then heading out to get the water controls set up, and especially to Joe Shayka who volunteered to help with control pickup. He started about 5:30 pm on Saturday near the edge of the map, camped out overnight at Sugar Hill, and then went out again Sunday, picking up 33 controls (much of this during heavy rain on Sunday) and having them in my garage by 5 pm on Sunday! The remaining small loop of 7 controls should be easy to pick up later this week, but I'll wait for a day with a lower chance of rain! The DEC people in Region 8 were very helpful in getting our permit for the event issued as soon as they could after knowing whether they were going to be allowed to have the Fire Tower campground opened for the summer, and helping us accommodate our event into the new structuring of the campground.

We hope to see you again next year, with our normal format of 6/12/24 hour choice, and a usual hash house operation. The venue is not yet definite, but it is likely to be in a mid-July time period again.