Central New York Orienteering
29th Annual Scout O
Saturday-Sunday, November 5-6, 2022 plus extended dates to be announced
Highland Forest Park, Fabius, NY — Pines Camp (42.83205 N, 75.92329 W)

A chance for Scouts and other youth groups to learn and practice the art of navigating in the woods with map and compass.
Saturday Nov 5, or other days by appointment
Guided Map Hikes:
Members of the CNYO club will give guided map hikes to groups of youths and their leaders. (Leaders need to accompany their groups.) Hikes will last about an hour and may be steep, muddy, and icy - come prepared. As you walk along your guide will demonstrate concepts for finding your way in the woods: how to orient a map, map symbols, terrain features, catching and safety features, route choices, plus much more. The explanations can be adjusted to suit the age and experience of your group. Each participant will have their own map to follow along. Compasses are not required for this hike.

After your guided hike, there will be a second map to try on your own. You can do as much or as little of this second hike as you wish, finishing at your own pace.

Each group will start their hike at an assigned time between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM. When you register, you may indicate a day and starting time that your group would prefer. We will accommodate requests as closely as possible and confirm times by email.

Advanced options: A separate map with a more challenging, advanced map hike is available for those age 13 & older who have attended this event for at least three years.

Don't need a guide? If your group has someone able to lead your own map hike, you are free to choose any day and time, November 5-13, but please tell us your plans. Starting no later than 2 PM is advisable to be out of the woods before dark.

Extended dates: Self-serve courses will be set and available for at least two weekends, probably November 5 through 13 (more info soon). Guided map hikes featuring instruction for beginners can be requested on any of these dates (inquire at registration).

Sunday Nov 6, 9:30-11:00 AM (optional second event)
Patrol Competition:
Scouts compete in patrols or teams of two sizes, small (3 to 5 people) or large (5 to 8 people). Larger troops divide into patrols of whichever size they prefer. Each patrol needs a name and a leader. During the competition, patrols may break into smaller groups of at least 2 people to visit controls. Individual competitors are not allowed. The competition goal is to find as many control markers as possible in the shortest time. Controls may be visited in any order. Adults may accompany youth for safety but may not assist youth in locating controls. Adults may register to compete separately, as individuals or in adult-only patrols.

8:45 AM: Mandatory patrol leaders' meeting to go over the rules, with map handouts immediately following. (Leaders should plan on having their groups registered before this time so they don't miss out on the instructions.)
Mass start 9:30 AM / time limit 90 minutes

Awards for each group size in each category (for each sex and co-eds) will be handed out soon after the finish of the event.

COVID-19 precautions, if still needed: This event will follow all New York State and safe scouting guidelines. Leaders are responsible for following safe scouting guidelines (local council info: BSA Longhouse Council or GS of NYPenn Pathways) and supervising youth compliance.

Troops will meet their instructors at 15 minute intervals so that one group can start their hike before the next group arrives. Please arrive as close as possible to your assigned time; if you arrive early, enjoy other parts of the park until it's time for your hike.

Pre-registration required, preferably by Oct 27. Please register as a troop. To register, send the following information by email to Stacy Pendell:
  1. Troop/group/pack number and city or town
  2. Age range of scouts
  3. Approximate number of scouts
  4. Preferred day and start time
  5. Do you want a guided map hike led by a member of our club, or would you rather lead your own?
  6. Number of maps you would like us to print for you, at $1 per map. If you have a color printer, you can print your own maps on standard 8 1/2 by 11" paper. (Link to PDF map files will be provided after you register.)
  7. Number of patches at $3 per patch
  8. Contact information for at least one leader who will be on site, including full name and phone number
  9. Sunday patrol competition: if you plan on attending, approximate number of competitors and number of maps (maps shared by 2-3 scouts)
Once your information is received, watch for a return email confirming your start time. Register early to get first choice of times.

Waiver required: A completed waiver must be received for every person who will be in the woods, whether youth or adult. These can be sent by paper mail, email, or dropped in a box at the event.

Event will be held outdoors regardless of weather. Trails may be muddy or icy. Participants should come prepared for the weather, and bring their own water and snacks.
  Fees: You can attend at no cost if you print your own maps (or have them printed at a copy center) and do not want custom embroidered patches. If you would like us to print maps for you, they will cost $1 per map (recommended $2 per person for 2 maps) and must be requested by Nov 1. Patches are $3 each and limited to the first 250 paid registrants.

Payment options: Send a check by mail (preferred), ask for our PayPal link ($3 surcharge), or bring to the event a check or exact amount of cash in an envelope labeled with your troop number. Checks should be payable to either "Central New York Orienteering" or "CNYO". Mailing address: Stacy Pendell, 321 State Route 38, Locke, NY 13092.

Directions: Take I-81 to Exit 14 (Tully, NY). Follow Route 80 east for 10 miles, passing through Fabius, to the park entrance on the right. At the gate, continue straight south into the park (not left toward Skyline Lodge). Follow orange-and-white orienteering signs to the meet headquarters. Headquarters this year will be Pines Camp.

Camping Nov 4-6: Tent camping sites at the Cedars Tenting Area may be reserved at a cost of $20 per group for the weekend. Campsite selection is first come first served. Camping is primitive, tents only, latrines but no water. You can set up anytime after noon Friday. Please indicate when you register whether your group will be camping on Friday night, Saturday night, both nights, or not camping.

Help Wanted: Older, orienteering-experienced Scouts may be able to fulfill badge or service requirements by leading map hikes for younger Scouts, or by running a timed race Saturday afternoon. Please contact us to volunteer.

Questions: If you have questions about the events, please contact Stacy Pendell (315-729-2894, sjp16 @ cornell.edu).