Central New York Orienteering
2022 CNYO ROGAINE (6 Hour)
Results Note to Participants
Saturday, July 9, 2022

From my perspective as the meet director, I was really happy with most aspects of the event! The number of participants took a big jump upwards from last year, though it is still way down below pre-Covid levels. That may be partly just because we limited the event to 6 hours because of worries about how the changing levels of concern about covid might affect the planning, and there are many alternative 6-hour rogaines in the northeast, and not so many 24 hour options. I hope we will be able to return to a 6/12/24 hour format again next year.

We got very lucky with the weather this year, and it is hard not to feel cheerful when you are out in the woods on a cool, sunny day without much of any insects to bother you! I was very pleased that all the controls were visited this year by at least one team (it certainly seems more worthwhile to have put them all out if at least someone else has been to see each of them.

I wasn't sure how the do-it-yourself sandwiches were going to work out for refreshments this year at the end of the event, but we seem to have guessed about right on the quantities of food, and people seemed to be enjoying what was there. We put out a lot more water on the course than actually got used, but I don't think there was much of an alternative on that. Had the day turned out to be really hot, much more water would have been needed.

I liked the fact that there were a number of teams that were relatively inexperienced, but who generally seemed pretty cheerful about the event even if they didn't get a lot of controls, and it was also fun to see how closely spaced the competition was amongst teams in both the top and the middle of the field. The median score was about 640, and there were eight teams within about 40 points of that. There were two sets of scores that were within 1 point of one another, in each having been affected by penalty points for having been 2 or 3 minutes late back. The coordinated team effort of O-Jawn and Gummy Bear Overlord to synchronize their runs so well that the parenting care of their 2 month-old baby went seamlessly with O-Jawn getting back just a couple of minutes before eleven so that GBO could get in his full 6-hours out on the course, to achieve the overall win, while O-Jawn was second place in the female competition with just a little over 3 hours in the woods (we let her leave a little before 8am, considering the somewhat unusual circumstances).

It was fun to see, if only briefly, so many regaining friends—a few whom we have already seen at multiple other events already this spring, but others for whom it has been a long time. So nice to see the Canadians able to come down south again! And the help from other folks in putting on the event makes it so much easier. My wife Mary and John Boland helped hang controls and spent the day of the event helping set up tents, putting out water, assisting with the starts, finishes, and feeding, and helping with cleaning up afterward. Joe Shayka went out Saturday afternoon after about 4pm to start picking up controls, and had them all (except one that he overlooked on the map when setting up his pickup loops) in my garage an hour away from the meet site (and probably also another hour from Joe's place) before dark on Sunday evening! And there was background work being done by Shawn Forney and Stacy Pendell helping set up the registration and getting information on the website, Barb Dominie with acting as registrar, and Mark having made the original map which made the event possible on a short timescale.

We hope to see you back next summer—I'm planning to try getting a permit for Finger Lakes National Forest, starting very soon, for probably a late June or early July event. Rumor has it that CNYO is likely to have a Snowgaine this coming winter, too, so be thinking ahead if you like to do your orienteering on snowshoes or skis!