June 6, Sunday, 1999
CNYO HillBillyGoat

Hammond Hill State Forest, Dryden, NY


Hudson Valley Orienteering's annual BillyGoat Run is a lot of fun, but there's only one of it a year. For those who can't get enough of long orienteering, CNYO is hosting HillBillyGoat Sunday at Charlie and Ann's Leonard's (the HILLBILLIES of ROGAINING infamy), 46 Hammond Hill Rd, Hammond Hill State Forest, Dryden, NY. There'll be an ongoing dish-to-pass dinner as soon as you finish for swapping war stories.

Course descriptions:
What's a HillBillyGoat? It's a BillyGoat style Long-O event in the tradition of the old goats, but with the added attraction of the first ever PYGMY GOAT, an orange-ish long course (7-9k) for those competitors who like some good old-fashioned goat play, but who lack the glutton-for-punishment attitude of die-hard goat addicts.

The LONG HILLBILLY GOAT (15-18k) will feature SLYE OLDE GOATE SNEAKINESS. Lose your followers by outsmarting them through a network of rogaine-style "windows".

For those who crave extra punishment, both the HillBilly Goat and Pygmy Goat courses will feature the gut-wrenching MOUNTAIN GOAT CHALLENGE, a trail-run leg that goes straight up a hill. Special awards to the top male and female runners on this leg.

Bring the whole family to the White and Yellow courses for the YOUNG GOATS (ah, we mean kids!) and anyone else who doesn't like long courses. Test your courage by taking on the OGRE who guards the bridge!

Mark Dominie Challenge to Non-Orienteers:
You're a runner, but have never felt like trying orienteering before? Take the MARK DOMINIE CHALLENGE -- every non-orienteer who beats Mark on the Long-O wins a special prize!

YOUNG GOATS: 11am-1pm
LONG & PYGMY GOATS: mass start at noon

Finishes, awards, and dinner: No time limits, but slower runners may find slimmer pickin's at dinner! Awards 4-ish (?) Ongoing dish-to-pass feast immediately after you finish your race. Share your goat stories and HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Cost: $5.00, $4.00 for CNYO members, plus a dish to pass.

Registration: Preregistration is not required, but if you CALL, WRITE, OR E-MAIL beforehand with your intention to participate, we will have PRE-MARKED MAPS ready for you. Day-of-race registrants may have to copy their maps ON TIME.

For more information or to register, contact the meet director, Ann Leonard, 46 Hammond Hill, RD#2 Freeville, NY 13068, (607) 844-8706, leonard@clarityconnect.com. Check this web site periodically to see what's new.


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