June 6, Sunday, 1999
CNYO HillBillyGoat

Mark Dominie Challenge to Non-Orienteers!

Sunday, June 6 CNYO member Ann Leonard is putting on a meet in a popular Orienteering format at the Hammond Hill State Forest. Commonly referred to in orienteering circles as a "Goat" or long distance mass start event, this format differs from regular O events in that only one long (and sometimes a second shorter) course is offered and all participants start at the same time. Similar to an ol' fashion road or trail race! Since everyone starts at the same time and following (a horrible taboo in normal O) is actually encouraged, this format is perfect for those athlete wannabes who have the physical prowess (or think they do...) and can keep a competitive pace but are insecure about their navigating/map reading skills.

Translation - this type of event is a good intro for trail runners who commonly handle FLRC trail marathons but are too chicken to try the REAL athletic challenge of Orienteering.

If those fightin' words aren't enough encouragement I'll also make the following challenge to any non-orienteering types: Any individual non-orienteer who beats Mark Dominie on the long course at this particular event will have their muddy, sweaty, stinky feet washed & dried by said Dominie (commonly known as fat boy) at the finish!

Complete details on cost, time, start location, distance, etc., can be found at the CNYO web site at http://cnyo.us.orienteering.org/cnyo/1999/cnyo1999/6jun1999_details.html or by contacting director Ann Leonard at
email: leonard@clarityconnect.com.
phone: 607/844-8706

mark dominie


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