12 May Hammond Hill Wednesday Evening Training Meet

Think you know Hammond Hill State Forest pretty well because of the A-Meet two weeks ago? Well, think again! Tired of stumbling over unmapped obvious features and wishing you'd known they were there? Then have we got the meet for you!

Come to this week's "Identify the Feature -- It Ain't on the Map!" Wednesday night orienteering fun. Every single circle on the map will be of the forbidden "control in the middle of the forest" variety - but every one will be on a perfectly legitimate but unmapped feature! Your job is to find the control and correctly identify the feature. Bonus points will be awarded to people who can write the correct clue sheet hieroglyphics for each feature found, to be redeemed for a special award after the meet, so bring your hieroglyphics cheat sheet, or grab one of our handouts, if you think you might need a reference.

All levels of orienteers are welcome, including beginners: there are controls visible from trails and controls in the middle of nowhere; there are controls close to the start/finish, and controls farther away. This meet is a "Score-O" format, meaning you decide which/how many controls you want to try for (and get back within an hour from!) instead of following a preset course like last week's.

Some compasses are available for loan.

At 6:30. Beginners, come at 5:30 if you need instruction in orienteering. Everyone, come early enough to sign in, get a map, and copy the master map onto your own before the start.

Expect to be back at the start/finish in one hour- it's fine to skip some controls and head straight back if it's getting late and you're far from the finish.

$3/map, $1 discount for CNYO members.

Take Rt 13 east from Ithaca, south and west from most other places. Turn south on Irish Settlement Rd, left (east) on Hammond Hill Rd, then 1/2 mile on Hammond Hill road to the Leonard's driveway, on left at top of the first big hill, BEFORE the Cayuga Nature Center's big parking lot just over the hill on the right. You can park in our drive, or in the CNC parking lot. Start is at Ann and Charlie Leonard's front deck.

Meet Director: Ann Leonard


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