28 July Dwyer Park Wednesday Evening Training Meet

Mark & Barb Dominie have kindly offered to host the Wednesday Night Training Finale July 28, 6 PM (1800 National Guard Time) at Dwyer Memorial Park, Little York, NY. The exercise will involve a bit of everything done at the previous sessions (i.e., score-o, memory, x-c, etc.) plus some of "Dominie's special" things. The name for any ROGAINErs with any E=MC**2 left is "Hobble-O"! The start will be just past the creek in the treeline on the right; there will be an O-sign.

Immediately after will be a picnic: please bring a dish to pass & your own cutlery & beverages of choice. I will bring a grill; if you have meat etc to cook, just fling it on there. So hobble on down!

-Shawn Forney, asst. M.D.


Dwyer Park is on the shores of Little York Lake, just off NY 11 between Homer and Preble. You have probably driven over one arm of Little York Lake on I-81 between exits 12 and 13 many times, and never realized that at several canoe-Os in the past some of the controls involved paddling right under the road.

On I-81 from the North, take Exit 13 (Preble, the exit after the Tully exit), and follow NY 281 south. Look for park sign on the left, a little over 2 miles beyond the center of Preble.

On I-81 from the South, from I-81, take Exit 12 (Homer), and continue on off-ramp to NY 281. Turn right (north) on 281. Continue on 281 to park entrance at sign on the right, 1/2 to 1.5 miles north of Little York.

From Ithaca and points west, follow Rt 13 east and north and run into 281 by the Walmart/Kmart shopping center. Continue on 281 to park entrance at sign on the right, 1/2 to 1.5 miles north of Little York


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