5 May Cornell Campus Wednesday Evening Training Meet

Details: Come for a map-hike/run on the Cornell Campus. The map is black-and-white and includes most of the campus roads, walkways and trails (and, as of this morning at 1am, most of the out-of-bounds areas created by this season's construction fences). No contour lines, so if you're not familiar with the campus you'll have to find out where the hills are as you go. Out of bounds areas (including the Fall Creek Gorge's spectacular 200-foot cliffs (hint: use one of the three foot bridges or the car bridge instead of attempting to climb or fly across the gorge!)) are marked with diagonal slashes. Small white lines that appear to go through building walls are passable walkways or driveways.

There are three do-'em-in-order numbered courses, short (2.6k, one moderate hill), medium (3.6k, two hills), and long (5.9k, 3 hills). If you don't like any of these, feel free to put together your own course out of any of the controls, or get 'em all (I figure 6.4k, 3 hills for the most efficient route through all of them). All routes offer views of the Cornell campus buildings; the longer ones take you through some of the forested areas that rim the campus.

We're using cheap foam controls for this very public area, so you'll want to bring a crayon or felt-tip pen to mark the secret code from each control you visit onto your punch card. (Or don't bother, and I'll believe you went where you said you did: this is a *fun* meet.)

Some compasses are available for loan.

Starts:As usual, mass start at 6:30 pm. Show up by 6 so you can copy the map of your choice before the start. If you plan to construct your own course, show up even earlier to have time to choose before eveyone else wants to copy the map. I'll let you start as soon as you've got your map copied if you're in a hurry.

Finishes:Expect to be back at the start/finish in one hour- it's fine to skip some controls and head straight back if it's getting late and you're on the other side of campus. If I remember to go to the grocery store tonight there'll be light refreshments at the end to entice you to return on time.

Fees:Usual weeknight training fee applies: $2/map. I can't imagine there'll be a discount for CNYO members at this low price, but I'm sure several people will helpfully correct me if this is wrong.

Directions: Kite Hill meeting point: From Rt. 366 just South of Cornell University, turn North on Judd Falls Rd. and take the first left onto Campus Rd. Follow to the Kite Hill Parking lot just before the football stadium.


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