CNYO Second Annual HillBillyGoat
Saturday June 3, 2000

Hammond Hill State Forest, Dryden, NY


BillyGoat runs are a lot of fun, and CNYO is not about to miss out on anything fun!

This is a somewhat belated invitation to all Goat lovers to run in the 2nd Annual HillBillyGoat, at Hammond Hill State Forest, Dryden, NY, Saturday, June 3rd, 2000. The gathering place will once again be at Ann and Charlie Leonard's home at 46 Hammond Hill Rd, smack dab in the middle of the state forest map, with ample parking at the Cayuga Nature Center's lot. There'll be an ongoing dish-to-pass dinner as soon as you finish for swapping war stories.

Course descriptions:
HillBillyGoat II will be a long-0 event (14-16k) in the tradition of the old goats. The Pygmy Goat will be returning as well; same old fashioned goat play as the long race, but in a more manageable form (7-8 k) than the longer version. Both forms of the Goat will share the Mountain Goat leg, but there will be no trail to help you to the top this time! Special awards will go to the top male and female runners on this leg. There will again be several rogaine-type "windows" through which to navigate.

For those wishing a relaxing map hike while spouse/parents/offspring kill themselves on the long courses, white and yellow courses will be available as well. Bring the whole family.


Absolute maximum 6 hour time limit on course. (I don't want to have to send out the cavalry -literally- after dark. Hammond Hill on horseback can be risky after nightfall... can't see the branches coming!)

Snacks, water, first aid:
There will be a fully stocked aid station in the middle of the long goat (oranges, bananas, cookies, water and sports drinks, helping hands and access to phone) as well as plenty of water available on course. HOWEVER! It is strongly advised that competitors bring some manner with which to carry water. Last year, although the water controls were well placed and frequent, the unseasonable heat clobbered several competitors. A bottle pack or camelbak is lightweight insurance for your safety! It is my experience that the added weight is insignificant compared with the benefits of having water right there when you need it.

Potluck dinner:
On-going dish-to-pass feast immediately following the race. Share your goat stories and HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Preregistration and fees:
Preregistration is not required, but if you CALL, WRITE, OR E-MAIL beforehand with your intention to participate, we will have PRE-MARKED MAPS ready for you. Day-of-race registrants will have to copy their maps after the race starts!

From the north, west, and northeast: Take I-81 to Cortland (exit 11). Follow 281 south; it becomes Rt 13. Take Rt 13 south to the traffic light in Dryden's town center. Follow Rt 13, turning right (west) at the light, then continue with the "From Rt 13" directions, below.

From the south and southeast: West of Binghamton, take NYS 17 (future I-86) to Owego (western of the two exits). Cross the bridge, bear to the right of the monument in the town square. Turn right at the end of the square, then immediately left. Follow Rt. 38 north to Dryden. In Dryden, turn left (west) onto Rt. 13 at the traffic light in the town center, then follow the "From Rt 13" directions, below.

From Rt 13 (including Ithaca):
From Rt. 13 about 2 miles west of Dryden turn south on Irish Settlement Rd. Take the third left onto Hammond Hill Rd, bear right at the Y where Hammond Hill and Star Stanton roads converge. Park in the gravel lot on the right, just past the top of the hill.

Accommodations (15 minute drive from meet site):
Cortland, exit 11 off I-81 (north of meet site):
Super 8, 607/756-5622
Comfort Inn, 607/753-7721
Holiday Inn, 607/756-4431

Food at exit 11: McDonalds, Bob Evans, Friendly's, Denny's, Chinese buffet, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy's and a P&C food store open 24 hrs.

Cortland, exit 10 off I-81 (north of meet site):
Econolodge, 607/753-7594

Ithaca (southwest of meet site):
See the bottom half of the accommodations posting for last year's A-meet for Ithaca food and lodging. (The top half of that posting repeats the Cortland information, above.)

Meet Director:
Ann Leonard,; (607) 844-8706;
46 Hammond Hill RD#2 Freeville, NY, 13068.
E-mail, call or write for more information, or to register!

Volunteers/helping hands gladly accepted!

Check this web site periodically to see what's new.


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