Saturday, June 3, 2000
CNYO Second Annual Hillbilly Goat

Hammond Hill State Forest, Dryden, NY

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Named somewhat facetiously after Charlie and Ann Leonard's ROGAINE moniker "Hillbillies," the Hillbilly Goat and its shorter cousin, the Pygmy Goat, were modeled after the original Billy Goat race. I also shamelessly borrowed ideas used elsewhere in similar events, such as the "control windows" very effectively put to use in the Susquehanna Stumble, and the Highlander's Hill Run leg, which I modified to be a long cross-country leg run straight up a hill and renamed the "Mountain Goat." Awards were given for top Billy, Nanny and Kid on each of the Goats (Hillbilly, Pygmy, and Mountain).

In all fairness, the map was especially difficult to deal with this year, due to a great many new trails having been installed in the forest just last year. This caused a fair amount of confusion in places. To make matters worse, on the HillBilly Goat map II one control had been sabotaged by person(s) unknown and moved significantly outside of the control circle. This managed to scuttle the races of several very good orienteers, and slowed others significantly as they went into circling mode. Others were less affected, as they "lucked" onto the control due to their angle of attack. To all, my sincere apologies for this irritation.

For those who would like to compare their splits, or even add theirs to the growing list, please visit

(Bear in mind that I did a very poor job of yelling when to start, so people may have different times on their individual watches. However, all times were computed using 11:00 as the official race start time, so all were "penalized" the same amount...)

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Hillbilly Goat:
 1. Owen Baird             2:47:18 first billy
 2. Charlie Leonard        2:58:45 second billy
 3. Brad Whitmore          3:00:48 third billy
 4. Mark Dominie           3:00:53 fourth billy
 5. Ken Walker, Sr         3:22:22 fifth billy
 6. Don Ross               3:26:26 sixth billy
 7. Mike Olsen             3:37:10 seventh billy
 8. Greg Walker            3:54:52 first kid, eighth overall
 9. Glen Tryson            3:57:49 eighth billy, ninth overall
10. (tie) Sandy Fillebrown 4:07:02 first nanny, tenth overall
          Corinne Porter   4:07:02 first nanny, tenth overall
11. Tim Good               4:23:33 ninth billy, twelfeth overall
12. Raymond Chung          4:30:29 tenth billy, thirteenth overall
13. Eric Smith             4:37:10 eleventh billy, fourteenth overall
14. Francis Hogle          4:58:18 twelveth billy, fifteenth overall
15. Mary Smith             5:40:00 second nanny, sixteenth overall	
    Eddie Bergeron         DNF
    Graham Baird           DNF

Pygmy Goat:

 1. Dan Blakeley           2:36:20 first billy, first overall
 2. Barb Dominie           2:49:02 first nanny, second overall
 3. Bob Rychaski           2:51:00 second billy, third overall
 4. (tie) Ramana Dominie   4:13:34 first kid, fourth overall
          Nicole Heider    4:13:34 first kid, fourth overall
 5. Kristen Olsen          4:14:09 second nanny, sixth overall
 6. (tie) Dennis Abbott    4:27:24 third billy, seventh overall
          Patrick Abbott   4:27:24 third billy, seventh overall
    Ben Leonard            DNF
    Heather Baird          DNF
    Verna Engstrom-Heg     DNF

Three unofficial runners who missed the start gun ended up having an extra kilometer added to their races, as they started from base camp instead of the start triangle:

 1. Peter Dady             2:01:25
 2. (tie) Peter LeBlanc    4:12:27
          Ray Kitowski     4:12:27
Mountain Goat:
 1.Mike Olson              5:45 First billy
 2.Charlie Leonard         6:42
 3.Ken Walker              7:42
 4.Brad Whitmore           7:25
 5.Glen Tryson             7:34
 6.Owen Baird              7:43
 7.Tim Good                7:47
 8.Graham Baird            8:15
 9.Don Ross                8:27
10.Ray Chung               9:53
11.Corinne Porter         10:25 First nanny
12.Mark Dominie           11:38
13.Eric Smith             11:55
14.Greg Walker            12:17
15.Sandy Fillebrown       13:25
16.Eddie Bergeron         13:40
17.Daniel Blakeley        21:51
18.Heather Baird          26:13
19.Bob Rychaski           26:19
20.Mary Smith             33:05
21.Barb Dominie           45:37
22.Francis Hogle          48:16
After 2 and 1/2 hours of manning the top end of the Mountain Goat, I quit and headed back to base camp, so I have no more splits than these. This was a challenging leg navigationally, as well as being all uphill...

For those who would like to compare their splits, or even add theirs to the growing list, please visit

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