CNYO Daddy-O Orienteering Results

17 Jun 2000
Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, NY

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Barb S. asked me to put in a few notes about the Daddy-O/Empire State Senior Games. Pete & I "adjusted" some courses for the Daddy O and thanks in large part to a huge article in the Syracuse Herald American we had a lot of new "Dads" out there on the course. We had great weather near the start of the Frisbee Golf Course at Green Lakes, gave some minor instruction, and sent folks on their way. Most folks picked it up real good and went back out on the next higher course.

Probably we should have put some more time into prizes or some sort of recognition for the Dads - but I think most folks were happy to get out in the woods and do some hiking/navigating. Many thanks to the pitch-in volunteers and all those new members - we'll see you in the woods!

-Shawn Forney/Pete Dady, "da Dads"


Conditions for the Senior Games/Daddy-O June 17th at Green Lakes State Park were near-perfect! It had rained during the night and the day dawned cool and cloud-covered, with a slight breeze. . .great for running! Later on the sun came out, but the air never reached an uncomfortable hot/humid level and mosquitoes were kept to a minimum. We even had music to entertain us from a corporate outing at the neighboring Reserved Shelter.

Park personnel had erected a 20'x30' tent for the orienteering, outfitted with 8 picnic tables, at the edge of the ballfield near the frisbee course, convenient to drinking fountain, parking, and a comfort station. The Dominies came early and set up ESSG and club start/finish banners plus the CNYO banner which now contains the word "orienteering" applied across the center along the compass needle.

On Thursday afternoon Pete Dady assisted me with the Brown and Green course design to be used for both the Senior Games and the Daddy-O, and he also designed a Red for the Daddy-O. Then Pete and Shawn Forney set out the remote controls for Brown and Green and Red. I flagged the all-purpose White course and returned to the park Friday evening to finish setting a few close-in advanced course controls. On Saturday morning Verna Engstrom-Heg and Eric Hamilton (EMPO) hung the White Course controls, Mark Dominie designed an Orange course, and more control markers, water jugs, and cups got set out by Shawn (and others?).

By 5 p.m. Saturday all the paperwork and results were packed up and all controls brought in, thanks to Barb Dominie, Ramana, Mark, Shawn, Pete, his son Tom and friend Joe, and others. Fred Howe was on hand all day to manage the starts, finishes, and results of the ESSG competition, while Dominies and crew managed the same things plus a clinic for the Daddy-O side. Many thanks to all who volunteered of their time and expertise to help.

If others should be mentioned, or I've got something wrong, please send the correction to, so we can update this web page.

-Barb Sleight

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Results of the CNYO 2000 Daddy-O Orienteering:

WHITE       2.8 Km     45m     11 controls

1 Greg Allen & Jamie Teska, Syracuse                         20:10
2 Jeff Martin, Baldwinsville                                 26:06
3 Tom Dady & Joe Dvorak, Homer                               30:28
4 Dedra Croll, Vernon                                        30:51
5 Terry Richey, Syracuse                                     30:52
6 Stuart & Connor Sullivan, Fayetteville                     32:54
7 Craig, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca Polhamus, Fayetteville       33:51
8 Scott & Charlie Reller, Manlius                            33:55
9 Marc & Joe Basile, Fayetteville                            40:50
10 Hugh & Joy Gregg, Jamesville                              50:04
11 Shane, Sherry & Shane LaVancher, Chittenango              57:55
12 Bob Kleinberg, Syracuse                                   60:25
13 Dave & Carolyn Davidson, Moravia                          64:10
14 Mary Gates, Deansboro                                     77:32
15 Kate & Sandy Healy, Alissa Quinn, Chittenango             78:50
16 Carl Dennis & Joe Tulowicki, Syracuse                     98:20
     Charlene Adams, Syracuse                                 DNF*
     Janet Allen, Syracuse                                    TNR*
*DNF = Did Not Finish
*TNR = Time Not Recorded           
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ORANGE       4.8 Km     150m     8 controls

1 Daniel & Ransom Blakeley, Dryden  (CNYO)                  118:50
2 Charlene Adams, Syracuse                                  123:25
3 Martin Reed Group (5) Civil Air Patrol, Memphis:          140:25
   Martin, Kate, Megan, Patrick Reed & Tim Smith
4 James McLaughlin & Chris Kourkoutis, Ithaca               140:44
5 Ryan & Doug Collins, Jamesville                           143:07
6 Dedra Croll, Vernon                                       156:58
7 Terry Richey, Syracuse                                    156:58
     Ramana Dominie, Marathon  (CNYO)                         DNF*
     Craig, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca Polhamus, Fayetteville     DNF*
*DNF = Did Not Finish
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BROWN       4.0 Km     120m     9controls

1 Von & Nate Sleight, Fayetteville                           90:31
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GREEN       5.0 Km     130m     7 controls

1 Ann Leonard, Freeville  (CNYO)                             57:56
2 Bob Rycharski, Haskell, NJ   (HVO)                         74:08         
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RED       7.5 Km     200m     13 controls

1 Owen Baird, Ithaca   (CNYO)                                62:52
2 Charlie Leonard, Freeville  (CNYO)                         75:05
3 Graham Baird, Holland Patent                               78:46
4 Rudy Haas & Gary Leonard, E. Syracuse                     133:40
5 Jamie Teska & Greg Allen, Syracuse                        175:10
   Brian Edwards, Baldwinsville  (new CNYO)                   DNF*
   Heather Baird, Ithaca    (CNYO)                            DNF*

*DNF = Did Not Finish         
Barb Sleight

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