CNYO National Orienteering Day North

6 May 2000
Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, NY

CNYO's National Orienteering Day 2000 (north event) at Green Lakes State Park May 6 was a success, despite the Syracuse newspapers' overlooking the publicity blurbs sent to them. Twenty people showed up, 8 adults and 12 youth age fourteen and under, including: Stein Rimehaug, his son and son's friend; Bob Rycharski (HVO) who saw the announcement on the Web site and came from Watertown where he's working at Fort Drum; Doug Mendrala, Andra Schadr and Barb Morrissey with their respective kids who heard about it through Scouts; Caroline Davidson who noticed the one flyer I posted in the North Syracuse library in desperation on Thursday; plus Ed Stabler, one of the three original club founders; and Rick Fernandes, Linda Bishop & Alex, also loyal CNYOers/Scouters.

As everyone knows, Saturday was a gorgeous day (almost too hot to run). Fortunately, the Green Lakes water system was turned on in the picnic areas so we had plenty to drink. The sunny weather brought out literally thousands to the park -- walking, running, cycling the trails, fishing, sun bathing and swimming (illegally), frisbee golf, picnicking and partying all over the park, besides the usual crowd at the golf course. Stein and his boys placed some flyers for us at the beach trailheads, but we didn't draw any curious folks from that crowd.

For this introduction to O I organized a "learners course" on a 1:2000 black and white map of Tulip Hill Picnic Area and immediate surroundings (13 controls) which everyone practiced on to get the idea. There is a large variety of good orienteering features in this one small area at Tulip Hill. As an introduction to Trail-O I included two Trail-O type controls, each with choices A,B,C.

Only Bob Rycharski, Ed Stabler, and Alex Fernandes copied the Master Map and completed the 3K easy course looping the lake. They finished in 49:30, 54:30, and 49:00, respectively.

Many thanks go to Rick Fernandes and Linda Bishop, who hiked the 3K course to pick up all those controls after the others had started. Stein Rimehaug was a wonderful helper all day, arriving early and staying late, posting flyers at the beach, setting out and picking up controls, helping folks get started, and seeing to many details in between.

To determine the winners of the five compasses donated by Brunton, each person wrote his name & phone number on a slip. Some folks left before others came, so Stein and I did the drawing at the end of the day and I mailed the compasses out to the winners on Monday.

Compass winners were: Christina Morrissey of Syracuse, Noah Schadr of Jamesville, Barb Morrissey of Syracuse, Caroline Davidson of Fayetteville, and Brad Mendrala of Baldwinsville.

Barb Sleight


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