Gilbert Lake Orienteering Results

16 Sep 2000
Gilbert Lake State Park, Laurens, NY

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WHITE COURSE       1.8Km     50m     10 Controls

1 Donna Gochenaur, Duncannon, PA
     and Donna Beams, Worchester, NY           67:15

YELLOW COURSE     2.8Km     45m     11 Controls

1 Marty Hawkes-Teeter, Berne, EMPO             31:20
2 Larry Parmelee, Ithaca, CNYO                 44:50
3 Johna Peachin & K.C. Cross, Oneonta, EMPO    72:08
4 Steve Berman, Oneonta, CNYO
      and Margaret Maguire, Oneo               78:59

ORANGE COURSE     4.8Km     85m     13 Controls

1 Cory Telarico, Oneonta                       74:55
2 Larry Parmelee, Ithaca, CNYO                 81:18
3 Laura Wasylencki, Oneonta                    83:36
4 Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Berne, EMPO               85:10
5 Martin Engstrom-Heg, Binghamton
       and Amy Chmiel, Binghamton             166:00
  Dickson Brackett, Oneonta - Found 1-8      (148:20)    HFA*

RED COURSE           6.9 Km   150m     10 Controls

1 Pete Dady, Homer, CNYO                       77:43
2 Glen Tryson, Malden Bridge, EMPO             89:24
  Gary Brackett, Oneonta, CNYO - Missed #3               HFA*

*HFA = Had Fun Anyway

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Seventeen orienteers attended the event on September 16, 2000 at Gilbert Lake, including 9 orienteering club members about equally divided between EMPO and CNYO. Several of the rest had attended the Bob Engstrom-Heg Memorial O' in the same park a year ago, and a few others were first-timers.

Four courses, White, Yellow, Orange and Red were offered. It was a mixed cloudy/sunny, breezy day -- dry and perfect for running. Registration and Start/Finish were in a scenically located pavillion on the north shore of Gilbert Lake, a short distance from water fountains and the bath house which boasted hot showers. Apples, cookies, fig bars, candies, snack cakes, and roasted sunflower seeds were provided by the organizers for hungry finishers to snack on.

We had hoped to have an updated map for this event as a result of the mapping clinic in August. Since it wasn't done, we used color copies of our best previous version. Many runners, especially the Intermediate and Advanced, commented on the broad areas of lovely open wooded hillsides and many interesting contours and historical features in this park, deserving of a new map!

An outstanding performance was turned in by Cory Telarico of Oneonta, our first orienteer of the day, who blazed the 4.8 Km Orange Course in just under an hour (59:20), but when it was confirmed that he had mispunched #9, he ran back out to find the correct control, still returning in time to maintain his strong early lead.

Larry Parmelee of Ithaca, a new CNYO member, completed the Orange and then decided to do the Yellow for warm-down.

We appreciate and thank the EMPO club for listing this event in their newsetter and for the group who came from EMPO. We also extend our thanks to Pete Dady, Laura Wasylencki, and Gary Brackett, who stayed and helped us retreive control markers.

Verna Engstrom-Heg and Barb Sleight, Event Directors


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