Saturday, May 4, 2002

Pratts Falls County Park Camp Brockway, Pompey, NY

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We had a gorgeous spring day, with around 110 people, 80% of them new to orienteering, arriving along with the first of the pesky black flies to this park. (At least they were not biting yet.) [Which, the people or the black flies? -Ed] Four to five dozen folks came for our round-robin of instructional sessions 9-11 a.m. prior to going out on the White or Yellow Courses. Interestingly, these sessions were attended less by Scout troops, as in past years, as by adults and families. This made for an interesting mix of ages in the four different sessions.

Thanks go to Barb Dominie, instructor for Using the Compass with the Map; Ann Leonard, instructor for Map Reading and Map Symbols; Eric Smith, instructor for Pace Counting and Distance Measure; and Pete Dady, instructor for Control Description Symbols and Recognizing Control Sites. Pete also designed the Orange/Green (Orange difficulty/Green length) Course and with Shawn Forney's help, set out the control markers for that course and hung road signs. Eric, Barb D., and Pete manned the Start/Finish table. In addition to all this, Pete, Barb D, and Chuck Laun helped with control pick-up. Barb S. designed and set out the White and Yellow courses, and handled pre-publicity and Registration.

We are also indebted to Mike Perotta, Park Manager, and the Pratts Falls Park staff for opening Camp Brockway and the flush toilet building for us and allowing us to use the site at no charge. It was perfect with all its nooks and crannies inside or outside for the different areas of registration, instruction, master map tables and Start/Finish table. Since it was rather chilly inside the buldings when the event staff arrived at 8:30 a.m., the entire day's operations were carried on outdoors in the glorious sunshine, using any of the dozens of picnic tables that flank the building.

Most of the newcomers came because they read about the event in the Syracuse Post-Standard or NewTimes in one of four different notices during the previous week; a few heard about it through Hiawatha Seaway Council BSA flyers; others came as friends invited by CNYO members.

Two new CNYO memberships and one renewal were processed and several folks took a copy of the Winter Handrails with a membership application home with them, taking note of the upcoming June schedule with no less than three events in one month! (Empire State Senior Games/open public event June 8 at Little York; Daddy-O June 16 back at Pratts Falls; and Rogaine XII June 22-23 at Connecticut Hill WMA). Check our club web site for more details.

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Drawing Winners

CONGRATULATIONS are due the following folks who were winners in the drawing for Brunton compasses and a MapTech Terrain Navigator cd, which took place at a CNYO board of directors meeting Monday evening 5/6. The prizes were provided to 62 clubs across the country holding National Orienteering Day events by NOD sonsors BRUNTON, "Instruments for Outdoor Adventure",, and MAPTECH, producers of 3-D images of USGS topo maps over the entire United States, Brunton also provided each club with 11x17" color posters, an attractive National Orienteering Day banner to hang at the event site, and red caps embroidered with NOD logo to be worn by event staff.

  • Cynthia and Mark Cuykendall, Skaneateles - MapTech Terrain Navigator cd for NY Thousand Islands Seaway region ($50 retail value)
  • Dawn Budd, Oswego - Nexus Expedition 3DLU compass ($19 retail value)
  • Alena & Aaron Carpenter, Kirkwood - Brunton Classic 9020G ($11 retail value)
  • Cassi Schramm, Moravia - Brunton Classic 9020G compass ($11 retail value)
  • Colucci and Merritt group, Marcellus - Nexus Star 7DNL compass ($10 value)
  • Aaron Mix, Moravia - Nexus Star 7DNL compass ($10 value)
  • Rosemary Welch, Syracuse - Nexus Star 7DNL compass ($10 value)
  • Raymond Winarski family, Preble - Nexus Star 7DNL compass ($10 value)

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    White | Yellow | Orange/Green | Other Participants
  • CNYO = Central New York Orienteering
  • BINGO = SUNY Binghamton Orienteering
  • BS, GS = Boy Scout, Girl Scout
  • HFA = Had Fun Anyway
  • MSP = Mispunched
  • TNR = Time Not Recorded
  • WHITE COURSE, 1.7KM Length, 60m Climb, 13 controls

     1. Tom Dady                     CNYO      Homer        28:45     
     2. David Hitchcock        (new) CNYO      Fayetteville 38:16       
     3. Jace Prine, Velthur Pendell, BS Tr-55  Moravia      42:17        
        Aaron Mix
     4. Mark+Cindy Cuykendall        BS Pk-61  Skaneateles  50:37               
     5. Rosemary Welch +                       Syracuse     63:00
        Beth Field                             Canastota                     
     6. Brenda Grady +                         Dewitt       63:00 
        Kelly Steele                           Syracuse                      
     7. Stacy Pendell, Keri Powers,  GS Tr-611 Moravia      65:00           
        Michelle Graves                           
     8. Margaret+Nick+James Heffron            Syracuse     68:20           
     9. Mary+Duncan Merritt + Alex Young       Marcellus    68:30               
    10. Mark+Carmen+Raymond Winiarski          Preble       70:40                   
    11. Loren+Beth Miller                      Auburn       75:45               
    12. Matt+Marc+Dave+Shari Colucci +                                          
        Marshall+Drew Merritt                  Marcellus    77:50
    13. Cal+Wil Winkleman +          BS Tr-161 Skaneateles  81:00
        Garrett Mcauliff +                                  
        Richard+Jacob Fey
    14. Bill McCracken                        Baldwinsville 81:00  
    15. Linda Mary Lamica       (new)CNYO     Baldwinsville 81:30           
    16. Brady+Linda Tyo              BS Tr-116 Liverpool    83:50               
    17. Mallery+Bob Ringham                    N. Syracuse  84:50               
    18. Megan Powers +               GS Tr-611 Moravia     112:35
        Lirit Pendell + Katie Swan                              
    19. Brandy Collard +             GS Tr-611 Moravia     113:35
        Bethany Nelson
    20. Robert+Tom Decker            BS Pk-177 Syracuse    113:42             
    21. Faith+Chrissy Tracy +        GS Tr-611 Moravia     137:00
        Jasmine Wells + Cassi Schramm 
    HFA Ruth Mavis + Beth Richards             Syracuse    TNR
                                              (All punches correct) 
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    YELLOW COURSE, 1.7Km Length, 85m Climb, 13 Controls

     1. Chris+Fred Vaeth                       Liverpool     32:21               
     2. James+Jimmy Hays                       Freeville     37:37               
     3. Bill McCracken +                       Baldwinsville 48:27
        Chet Bush                              Phoenix                  
     4. David+Chris Palen                      Skaneatles    62:53               
     5. Frank Salvadore +                      Oswego        71:27               
        Christine Culeton    
     6. Carolyn+Shawn Forney         CNYO      Syracuse      74:00                   
     7. Dawn Budd                              Oswego        76:50 
     8. Nick Budd + Steven Kolenda   BS Tr-891 Oswego        86:50               
    HFA Frank Wheelock                         Dewitt  6 Punches Correct      
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    ORANGE/GREEN COURSE, 5.5Km Length, 190m Climb, 13 Controls

     1. Michael Olson         CNYO/BINGO coach Vestal        55:58                  
     1. Eric Smith            CNYO             Freeville     55:58
     3. Alex Fernandes        BS Tr-891        Oswego        70:15        
     4. Travis Slocum         BINGO            Binghamton    96:23                   
     5. Stina Bridgeman       CNYO             Earlville     97:58    
     6. James+Siubahn Bongiovanni +            Chittenango  114:45
        Alejandra Messner 
     7. Alena+Aric Carpenter                   Kirkwood     146:10    
     8. Tom Nabinger + Melanie+Lauryn Stevens  Syracuse     166:30                
    HFA Jessica Brown +       BINGO            Binghamton   MSP #6                  
        Lou Mascarella          
    HFA Jean+Joe Van Hoff                      Vestal       Found 11                                                                      
    HFA Mary O'Neill +        BINGO            Binghamton   Found 11      
        Megan Bailey
    HFA Hilton Silva          BINGO            Binghamton   Found 9                                                                        
    HFA Michael Maloney +                      Cicero       Found 6     
        Graciella Varella                      Syracuse  
    HFA Fabri Suarez +                         Syracuse     Found 6  
        Christina Lumbreras      
    HFA Adam Shotland +       BINGO            Binghamton   Found 3
        Juliet Baratta
    HFA Arun Coomba           BINGO            Binghamton   Found 3
    Amazingly, Mike and Eric, running the course separately, starting 42 minutes apart, completed it with the same elapsed time to the second!
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    ALSO THE FOLLOWING: Present for Instruction and/or Did Not Start, and/or Names not on Punch Cards, and/or Punch Cards not Handed In:

    Barb+George Lowe              ADK   Syracuse                                              
    Jeffrey Owens + Son                 Syracuse                                                
    Mary Margaret Ong                   Manlius                                                   
    Mark Getbehead                      Cazenovia                                                    
    Kelly Steele + Brenda Grady         Syracuse                                        
    Cynthia+Sheila+Stephanie Peck       Jordan                                        
    Crystal Watt                        Union Springs                                                  
    Robert Lake                         Syracuse                                                        
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    Barb Sleight, Event Director
    CNYO National Orienteering Day 2002


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