Central New York Orienteering
Scout-O Results

9-10 Nov 2002
Highland Forest County Park, Fabius, NY

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November 9-10, 2002
Highland Forest County Park, Fabius, NY

Let me say right up front this is a long writeup because there's much to report!

First of all, it was a wonderful weekend, with record numbers of participants and record "summer" weather. Thank you all for coming, and I wish to especially thank Troop 107 for organizing the splendid campfire Saturday night, and all who took part in it with skits, songs and cheers.

You may have heard/read about First Class Scout Brad Burnett of Troop 108 from Waterville, camping at Partridge Camp, who lost his dad's wedding band he was wearing on a necklace somewhere in the forest Saturday. His mom died four years ago from a ruptured aneurysm, and his father was killed in a hunting accident last November. There was a detailed article with pictures of the boy and his dad in Wednesday's Syracuse Post Standard. It happened that Troop 108 had not come to Highland Forest for the Scout-O (was not aware of it before, and declined to take part after learning of it). I know that some adults and Scouts who were there from other troops helped look for the lost ring, and I sure hope it is found.

Speaking of Lost and Found, a very nice compass was left on a table in the carpenter shop (registration area) and if the owner will describe it, I will be happy to return it. On the other hand, a good looking jackknife in a small blue gortex sheath was turned in on Saturday, and was still in the Lost & Found box Sunday morning. However, when we packed up later Sunday, the knife had been removed and the empty sheath was left in the box. It makes me sad to think one of the youth simply helped himself to the knife. Please contact me if you know anything about this.

As you look at the results, if you notice errors in name spelling or other details, please send me (Barb Sleight) a note with any needed corrections.

The rather largish numbers of folks who Did Not Finish (DNF) is probably due to the several new trails that have been built very recently which are not on the map. This sort of thing can be confusing, even for experienced orienteers.

Yours in Scouting, Barb Sleight

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