CNYO Ski-O Results

9 Feb 2003
Hammond Hill

Following are the results from this Sunday's ski orienteering on Hammond Hill. Conditions were excellent, premarked "special edition" ski-o maps by produced Mark Dominie were superb, and the courses proved (as always on Hammond Hill) a challenge to all.

A few brave souls took a "shortcut" to one control via the previously only snowshoed-in Finger Lakes trail. One skier declared this leg the "best part" of her race. All others fervently wished they had gone the long way around via the ski trails. A few took a different snowshoed-in shortcut. Some deemed it superior, while others wished (again) that they had gone the long way around via ski trails. Without splits, there is no way of knowing which way was actually fastest. Note how very close the Long Course race was, especially in the top three placings, despite vastly different route choices.

Thanks to all who came, and MANY thanks to Sandy Fillebrown who drove all the way up from Philadelphia to help me set up controls and staff the race!

Ann Leonard, meet director

24 participants, 10 ESG qualifiers

Long Course 12k shortest skiable distance

Pavel Korniliev      (MO)    1:30:40
Charlie Leonard      (MO)    1:31:34
Ernie Bayles         (Rec)   1:31:43
Eric Smith           (MO)    1:49:33
Randall McGarvey     (MO)    1:54:50
Ed Kobos             (MO)    2:11:36
Steve Gelver         (Rec)   3:01:25
Paul Beckwith        (Rec)   3:01:45
Ted Feldpausch       (Rec)     DNF
Mary Smith           (WO)    2:25:00
Stina Bridgeman      (Rec)   2:46:03
Annette Otis         (Rec)     DNF

Medium Course 9.5k shortest skiable distance
Phil Hawkes-Teeter   (MM)    1:40:58
Mitch Hanson         (MM)    2:12:13
Shawn Forney         (MM)    2:59:02
Piper and Judy G     (Rec)     DNF
Karla, Becky and Jen (Rec)     DNF
David Post           (Rec)     DNF
(David was so happy to be headed back
that he forgot to punch the go control
as he went by it!)
Short Course 8k shortest skiable distance
Betsy Hawes          (WM)    2:30:45
Elizabeth Hane       (Rec)   2:37:59
Wendy Alberg         (Rec)     DNF 


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