CNYO Ski-O Results

12 Jan 2003
Alder Creek Trails (BREIA)

It was a great snowy day in Alder creek. The official count was 26 inches from Friday evening through Sunday night. A lot of the indistinct trails had to be retracked by whomever got there first, even though I had tracked them in on Saturday.

The short course was 6.6k and had 10 controls. It included (at least) 2 UPs and DOWNs of the gullies. I think it kept your body warmer than just going down.

The Medium course was a total of 8.5k and 11 controls. It was also the first leg for the LONG course. The PDF file has more detailed information on how the Long Course competitors did vs. the Medium course competitors on this section.

The LONG course was a map exchange that added 5 controls and another 4.5k for the OPEN competitors. The results were interesting. Take a look, let me know what you think.

Thanks to Mitch Hansen and my daughter Kathryn for helping out in the placement of controls and running the meet headquarters. Also thanks to Jack Norray (Sr.) for helping with posting results and map exchanges. Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Scott Pleban, Michelle Barnes and Mitch Hansen also helped picking up the controls at the end of the day.

Special thanks to the B.R.E.I.A. The groomed trails were in great shape, even considering the large amount of snow we received over the weekend. We really appreciate their cooperation and use of the facilities. The warming hut was still a bit warm from Saturday, so it was easy to keep it warm for Sunday.

Thanks for coming,
Ed Kobos
Meet Director

Here are the results

Class Course    Name             Class Course   Time
Place Place

1      1      George, Ellie        FM     S    11206
2      3      Hawkes-Teeter, Sue   FM     S    12415
3      5      Engstrom-Heg, Verna  FM     S    24055

1      4      Barnes, Michelle     FO     L    13758
2      7      Smith, Mary          FO     L    23131

1      2      Bartonicek, Marianna FS     S    11220
2      4      Kusler, Anna         FS     S    15500

1      2      Hawkes-Teeter, Phil  MM     M    11810
2      3      Hansen, Mitch        MM     M    12140
3      4      Sweet, Steve         MM     M    12245
4      9      Whitmore, Brad       MM     M    15903
5     12      Rinella, Vincent     MM     M      DNF

1      1      Pleban, Scott        MO     L    11112
2      2      Brackett, Gary       MO     L    12530
3      3      Halasz, Steve        MO     L    12940
4      5      Leonard, Charlie     MO     L    15614
5      6      Smith, Eric          MO     L    20433

1      1      Sweet, Bryan         MS     M    11145
2      6      Hawkes-Teeter, Marty MS     M    13015
3      7      Norray, Jack         MS     M    13416
4      8      Smith, Dane          MS     M    15838
5     10      Norray, Jason        MS     M    20744

1      5      Engstrom-Heg, Martin  R     M    12302
2     11      Rinella, Maria        R     M      DNF


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