Central New York Orienteering
                            Spring! into Orienteering
                    Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, NY
                            Saturday, April 15, 2006
                   Steve Bayes and Barb Sleight, Co-Directors
White Course                                       2.6 km, 35 m climb, 9 controls
 1 Jim Ireland 12, CNYO Fulton                                              37:18
 2 John Boland* CNYO Fayetteville                                           40:40
 1 Robb, Laura Aitchison, Syracuse                                          26:30
 2 Pat, Mary, Joseph Burkhart* Fayetteville                                 40:40
 3 Kristy Funderburk, LeRoy, Glynn Cox, LeRoy, Vera Turk, Syracuse          44:00
 4 Jeff, Mike Thompson, Jamesville                                          49:27
 5 Robert, Jenna 9, Laura 13 Boland, Fayetteville                           51:20
 6 Teri Antrim, Syracuse, Elke Johanns, Syracuse, Diane Heukrath, Camillus  65:30
 7 Michael Miller* Dolgeville, Jackie Fox, SUNY Cortland                    78:40
Yellow Course                                    4.9 km, 100 m climb, 11 controls
 1 Von Sleight, Fayetteville                                                47:42
 2 John Kennedy, Fayetteville                                               65:20
 3 Shawn Forney, CNYO Syracuse                                             144:30
 1 Collette Leonard, Bridgeport, Nancy Soergel, Kirkville,
    Carrie Wayne* Fayetteville                                              76:30
 2 Eileen Flanagan, Kate 15, Amelia 15 Cochrane, ROC Honeoye Falls          88:00
 3 Tory, Ryan 14 Leonard, Bridgeport, Chris Soergel 14, Kirkville           98:00
 4 Wendy, Art Alberg, CNYO Columbia, MD, Stacy Pendell, CNYO Locke         100:00
 5 John Boland, CNYO, Pat Burkhart, Fayetteville                           116:00
 6 Jason Lowry, Dawn Henderson, Port Crane                                 137:00
 7 John, Pat 12 Cochrane, ROC Honeoye Falls                                140:40
 8 Maureen, Erin 11 Ganley, Baldwinsville                                  145:30
 8 Henry, Karen, Mary 11, Michael 9 Joncas, Syracuse                       145:30
   Richard Martin, Cicero, Taylor Besig 11, N. Syracuse                      DNF
Red Course                                       8.7 km, 150 m climb, 10 controls 
 1 Sandy Tetreault, CNYO Old Forge                                          69:43
 2 Barbara Dominie, CNYO Marathon                                          106:55
 3 Judy Gianforte, CNYO* Cazenovia                                         165:15
 4 Susan Atwood, Cazenovia                                                 175:40
 5 Liz Kalish, Fayetteville                                                179:40
 1 Mike Lyons, ROC Rochester                                                60:50
 2 Pierre Tetreault, CNYO Old Forge                                         70:45
 3 Peter Dady, CNYO Homer                                                   84:22
 4 Paul Stoddard, Chittenango                                               91:30
 5 Tom Dady 16, CNYO Homer                                                  93:20
 6 Eric Smith, CNYO Freeville                                               95:35
 7 Bob Ireland, CNYO Fulton                                                 96:00
 8 Rich McKenna, Minoa                                                     107:05
 9 Robert Lange, EMPO Albany                                               126:10
10 Edward Polinkovsky, CNYO Fayetteville                                   149:13
Total Number of Starts: 37 (20 Individuals plus 17 Groups)  
   * CNYO New or Renewed Members
Results are listed by course and category, regardless of age class.
However, by way of encouragement, the ages of minors 16-under are indicated.
Sixty-two orienteers, novice and experienced, and ranging in age from 9 years
(Michael Joncas of Syracuse and Jenna Boland of Fayetteville) to 80 years (Art
Alburg of Columbia, MD), all enjoyed a beautiful spring Saturday at Green Lakes
State Park, just east of Syracuse, on "tax day." For many, it was their first
time orienteering. They came, not so much from learning about the event through
media, as from the CNYO website, or by friends, colleagues, and relatives
persuading them to try O. Were glad they listened! We registered 15 individual
males, 5 individual females, and 17 groups of 2, 3, or 4. Besides CNYO, the
Rochester Orienteering Club (ROC) and Empire Orienteering (EMPO) were also

After an overnight rain, which put mud puddles on trails, and made some terrain
spongy, the sun shone brightly in a blue sky by the time the competition center
was set up around 9:30 at the south edge of a parking lot, and stayed out for
the rest of the day, bringing the temperature into the high 50s -- perfect for
orienteering! There were, however, occasional gusts of wind that would come out
of nowhere without warning, threatening to take out the entire registration area
each time!

We welcomed three new memberships into the club: the Pat Burkhart family of
Fayetteville; Michael Miller, a SUNY Cortland student from Dolgeville; and Carrie
Wayne of Fayetteville. We also welcomed back Judy Gianforte of Cazenovia after a
5-year hiatus, plus John Boland of Manlius, as renewed members.

Steve designed the three courses, checked sites, rechecked, and hung all control
markers, making several trips to the park during the previous weeks. He prepared
the master maps and control description sheets, created a long, banner-type
poster to invite the passing public, another poster for educational purposes, and
gave impromptu instruction to several groups. Not only that, he recorded
practically all of the Start and Finish times. Thats dedication! Barb took care
of the park permit and media notification in advance, set out directional road
signs, took registrations, and posted results. She brought a tent, table, chairs,
map boards, simple refreshments, blank maps, map cases, and of course the
registration box of club supplies (pens, tape, loaner compasses, punch cards,
etc.) to the meet site.

Thanks to all who helped with control pick-up, especially Von Sleight, who
gathered in all the controls from the entire western section of the park.