Central New York Orienteering April 26, 2008
Yellow Barn State Forest
Dryden, NY
WHITE — 2.4 km, 6 controls
1) Dan and Riley Scales41:39
YELLOW — 2.5 km, 7 controls
1) Kevin and Elliot Walsh1:46:29
2) Mitch Nathan and Hannah Collinsworth2:13:00
3) Lydia Pettis(cut short because of heat)
ORANGE &mdash 4.3 km, 8 controls
1) Larry O'Connell1:01:46
2) Jessica McArttd>1:10:00
3) Nancy Muckenbeck(skipped 1 control) 1:53:00
RED &mdash 6.7km, 15 controls
1) Charlie Leonard1:50:27
2) Larry O'Connell1:55:54
3) John Boland2:08:14
4) Mary Smith2:10:00
5) Olavi Juntilla(skipped a couple of controls) 1:47:52

Meet Director Eric Smith

We had a smallish turnout, but those that showed up were treated to dry woods with good visibility, and plenty of bright sunshine which was a pleasant alternative to the mix of showers and thunderstorm in the forecast from the previous day. The weather was a bit on the toasty side for some of the participants, and two or three people decided to skip a control or two on their courses because of the heat.