Central New York Orienteering
Saturday-Sunday, March 8-9, 2014
Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area & Cole's Run, Berne, NY
CONDITION REPORT — March 3, 2014 — Finally, the weather situation now: the snowpack is pretty much unchanged at 1+ feet; the crust has hardened, as it has been very cold (expected to be -10 F tonight). There has been no recent snow, and there is not expected to be any before the event (current snowstorms are all to our south). Temperatures will start slowly rising over the week, hitting right around freezing on Friday, and going above freezing on Saturday and Sunday. I have recently been placing controls exclusively using snowshoes, as the crust makes skiing treacherous (at least for me). If anyone really wants to use skis, consider using ones with metal edges. Skis will certainly keep you on top of the snow, but control on downhill slopes may be very difficult. The roads should remain mostly clear and dry. When the temperature gets above freezing, there may be some melting and thus wet/frozen areas on the roads, but that should be minimal until it gets much warmer. More problematic could be some areas where wind produces drifted snow on the roads, which are not always cleared quickly. If you are on a bike, pay close attention to the road conditions. — Phil Hawkes-Teeter

PARKING — Phil & Sue Hawkes-Teter have outdone themselves and have gotten permissions from the Helderberg Lutheran Church (located next door to the High School) for competitor parking on Saturday (only) and then the Berne Post Office (almost exactly centered in the village of Berne) parking lot on Sunday (only). The Church lot is 670 meters from Phil & Sue's house and the Post Office is 320 meters away and both lots are on the north side of the main street, Rt. 443. Phil plans to have signs posted at each during the day they are to be used. There is a small country store immediately across the road (again on the north side) from the Hawkes-Teeters' that has a small parking area that will allow you to temporarily park there to drop off or pick up equipment, etc. but all autos must be moved to the arranged parking during the event. Please do not abuse this privilege.

EVENT NOTES — This link leads to a pdf file of the Rules & Special Notes for this event.

TERRAIN — A few individuals have been asking what the terrain and climb is like. The following links are to two parts (north and south) of a USGS map of the area. The start is at the Hawkes-Teeters' house located in the village of Berne in the far north.

OVERVIEW — This is a ROGAINE-style event for winter hosted by CNYO, spread over two, 8-hour days. You and your partner(s) visit a series of controls of varying point values by foot, skis, sled, snowshoes, etc. The start each day is at 8:00 AM and you must finish by 4:00 PM or suffer the penalties. We shall attempt to depict the most-recent trail grooming status on the map at the time of event. You should anticipate as much as 50% of the trails to be ungroomed — this will depend upon prior snowfalls. We shall provide warm refreshments at Home Base.

WHERE — Home Base is the home of the Phil & Sue Hawkes-Teeter in Berne, NY.

MAP — The State Forests of Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area and Cole's Run, along with some private lands, will form our 1:30,000 SNOWGAINE map.
  FEES — Pre-entry will be $50.00 per person. On the day of the event, the cost goes up to $65.00 per person. You must pre-register by March 1, 2014, to ensure a pre-marked map. No entries will be accepted after 7:30 AM on Saturday, March 8, 2014. Make checks payable in U.S. funds to "CNYO".

  • All teams must be made up of two or more individuals.
  • Members of each team must remain together at all times for safety.
  • Teams must return to Home Base on Day 1 by 4:00 PM or will be penalized with a delayed restart on Day 2 of three times the amount overtime (i.e. A 4:30 PM return on Saturday equates to a 9:30 AM restart on Sunday.).
  • Teams must finish Day 2 by 4:00 PM or suffer "significant" point-loss penalties.
  • Any team returning to Home Base on either day later than 5:59 PM will be disqualified.
  • Teams can use ANY mode of non-motorized personal winter transportation they deem suitable.
  • Teams must carry appropriate nourishment and liquids to compete in a cold weather endurance event. Aid stations will be few and far between.
  • Meet officials reserve the right to cancel or shorten the duration of this event AT ANY TIME due to extreme weather conditions.

CATEGORIES — Teams will be classified as MEN, WOMEN, VETERAN, or COED.

REGISTRATION — Send fee and the completed form below, one for EACH member of your team, to: Barbara Dominie, 3378 Pine Hill Road, Marathon, NY 13803-2315.

ACCOMMODATIONS — Click here for a list of local accommodations. In the event you cannot find local accommodations please contact the registrar.

NOTICE — Hypothermia and frostbite are two real dangers possibly facing competitors. Organizers reserve the right to terminate a competitor's participation if he/she appears to be suffering from exposure to the cold with either hypothermia or frostbite. It is required that competitors bring any food and liquids with them that they might need during this long-distance event.

FORMS — Here are copies of the "Standard Gaining Entry Form" in doc format and in pdf format. Complete the entry form and send to the Registrar along with your check made payable in U.S. funds to "CNYO" or e-mail your completed entry form to the Registrar and pay via PayPal through our website. There will be a $3 surcharge for paying via PayPal. An entry is not considered complete until payment is received.

CNYO accepts payments using PayPal.
Standard Entry for One
$50 plus $3 surcharge

Standard Entry for Two
$100 plus $3 surcharge

If you have further questions, please contact the registrar at sochopx @ aol.com.

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