Central New York Orienteering
CNYO "GAINING" Trifecta Cup
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Since the early 1990s, Central New York Orienteering has hosted numerous endurance navigation events commonly referred to as ROGAINEs. As time has gone on, we've "reinvented" the basic ROGAINE idea into three separate and distinctive formats. In an attempt to tie all three types of these formats together, during the 2006 season we introduced a new and prestigious award for the truly ambitious — the CNYO "Gaining" Trifecta Cup. What better way to recognize the individual who demonstrates the most tenacious competitive spirit in the "Rogaining" universe. The premise is quite simple — the individual who accumulates the most points from each of the following three CNYO hosted "-gaining" events during a single year is honored with a "rotating" cup of some value (think "Stanley Cup" or "Breeders Cup").

SNOWGAINE: A ROGAINE style event for winter perfected by CNYO since 1995. You and your partner(s) visit a series of controls of varying point values by foot, skis, sled, snowshoes, etc., spread over two 8-hour days.

REGAINE: A new spin on the ROGAINE format created by CNYO in 2005. Initially started as a relay and part Mountain Marathon this growing format has morphed into an endurance chess game of strategy and navigation for the "Lone Wolf". The REGAINE concept has competitors head into the wilderness SOLO on a ROGAINE style map & course (i.e., endurance score format) in 6-hour segments with varying amounts of "work" vs. "rest". Repeat this process for the entire 24 hours of the event.

ROGAINE: The "original" teamed navigational endurance event. The idea of ROGAINE involves teams of two or more people heading into the forest during a fixed amount of time (6, 12, or 24 hours for this particular event) visiting as many checkpoints as possible by walking, running, or resting as they see fit. These checkpoints (controls) are spread over a large area and are pre-marked on a detailed topographic map.

For complete "rules" concerning these special events along with an entry forms and additional details or for other CNYO events, check our web site for periodic updates.